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AGE Verification Issue - Unable to verify Account - [Chaturbate] 18195823

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Apr 5, 2020
Hey @punker barbie

My studio account Name is Estella_Dawns

For the recent weeks I have been trying to verify my Age To allow Earn tokens on Chaturbate.

Every-time am Met with a new error. The last 2 being "ID is not valid. Reason: Too Blurry, Dark, or Small (poor quality photos)"
I wrote to support attaching my Documents, which would wish to confirm that they are of highest quality.

[Chaturbate] 18195823 - Re: ASSISTANCE IN ACCOUNT AGE VERIFICATION - Estella_Dawns

Support never identified an issue i can relate with on mY submission.

Would you Be kind enough to reconsider My submissions for Age Verification? Kindly?

Thank you In Advance.
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