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AITA - Annoyed by new user

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Oct 5, 2021
Okay. I have followed a model for a year and been her mod for about 9 months. Basically I encourage tipping, keep the conversation going and monitor any rude behavior. I rarely have to silence anyone. It is a pretty good room with a good collection of regulars.

A few of the regulars will help monitor the room answering questions, etc. if I am away or am in PM with the model or otherwise am distracted.

So a new user arrives last week and quickly dominates the room. Thanking tippers, welcoming new visitors, encouraging tipping etc. He joined her Fan Club and maybe tips 100 tokens over four or five hours. Yesterday it was only 6 tokens.

On the other hand his is often pretty close to the edge of acceptable, for her room, in his comments about her. He has insulted me a few times later brushing it off as joking. I don't mind too much because I am a mod and no one likes mods. But she has banned other users for similar comments. (She is very protective of me.) Turns out that her studio manager told her she is not allowed to silence him. Apparently, he follows every model at the studio and is well known.

Am I the asshole for being annoyed by this guy?
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you can be annoyed all you want. but its this model's room. if she cant because the studio for whatever reason like to enable this studio reg's bad behavior, then that really fucking sucks for her too.

if this model isn't doing anything about it to correct it and is unable to... then you got the answer. idk i would put the dude on ignore if you can and don't engage with him at all. let him dominate the room and drive out the rest of the members. it's the studio's fault.

also do you really really want to support a studio that allows abusive members to run rampant because they might spend? what other bullshit do these studio models have to tolerate because a member is a studio reg? screams exploitive and i worry for the models' mental health. if i were you, i would tell the model that this member is making your experience not fun, and tell her you are gonna spend your cam time elsewhere if his behavior doesn't change. if you spend well, that studio may actually realize they need to moderate paying members as well or they will lose their other paying members in due time.
@AudriTwo I was worried that I was being overly concerned but your response is more angry than mine so I guess I am appropriately annoyed. ❤️
not being able to block/silence an abusive member because a studio is more concerned about the buck fifty they will earn from this guy instead of the model's comfort is awful. im mad for her. (im assuming the studio takes 35% of the models earnings.)

question is she from a country where US$1 = over 3k or higher in whatever their currency is? Google what you can get in their country for a US dollar. that might also put some perspective into why her studio makes her tolerate abusive members. im not saying it makes it any better.

i believe this practice will make studios/models lose out more in the long term because it will end up chasing good members away.
No, you're not the asshole, he sounds like a dipshit.
But how you react to your annoyance can make a big difference to you , the model, and the room.
Sounds like this guy enjoys being a protected species, and pushes the limits as a result.
But it could be worse if he used his influence to request mod status in whichever rooms he wanted it.
I'm going to assume you want to stick around, so the best response would be to ignore him, don't react, let him have his *fun*, and focus on supporting the model.
Bet he'll either move on, or settle down soon.

ETA: oops just noted this is in A-a-M, and I'm just a regular member......
Google what you can get in their country for a US dollar.
This is so often forgotten. When people suggest to "just block and move on" they might forget that in some places $200 is people's monthly rent. So even though mental health is definitely a priority it might be a hard decision to just block someone who is annoying if they are spending something.
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