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Any Romanian models fluent in English active here?

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Jan 15, 2021
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language barrier, seeking safe romanian website and/or information, frustrated texan -> google related tangent,🤖

I'm hoping to create a dialog with a Romanian, a fanatical Romania consulate, or someone who just plain wants to help regarding some language-barrier-esque issues i've found myself facing recently.

What i'm seeking is a Romanian speaking, or better yet Romanian/English speaking language-friendly resource relating to cam modeling and/or related technologies... basically a website already propagated and organized with legitimate trustworthy information. Really any thing i might be able to use as a reference so i can confidently move-forward instead attempting to navigate through time wasting hassles! The overall goal basically being education, I want to ensure the matter-of-fact important detailed points i've been attempting to convey are clearly received, and not just being replaced by an induced blissful ignorance when the details are being lost in translation.

For no lack of trying on my part I feel as if the rock wall i hit miles back and eagerly decided to climb is actually a much larger "heard you like obstacle-filled rock walls in your rock walls" inception wall, instead!

<begin tangent>
So, a large reason for my issues and frustration is.... In their infinite data-rich wisdom backed by limitless resources, Google has decided that we, the most intelligent species on this earth (not-cited), are not smart enough to know what we want when we query their search engine. The decade long phase-out reaches the end, i suppose, meaning essentially all boolean search capabilities are gone.


Quotes surrounding a word or phrase, in boolean search, explicitly enforces "exact" matching.
Google's was once very powerful and included a full set of boolean tools "AND" "OR" etc. which
years back slowly began to diminish one capability at a time. Some number of years ago the only
two things that still worked seemed to be  -  and "", with the minus sign meaning NOT, and excludes
words or phrases which may or may not be encapsulated within quotes.

The "The More You Know" portion of this thread brought to you in part by the following sponsors:
disappointment, frustration, as well as a strong hint of sequential circumstance-induced life tilt!

Google is literally ignoring basic keyword searches with specific words contained in quotes and not only suggesting replacement words but going as far as dynamically changing without asking. Even provided with a clean isolated container and choosing "Romanian" results in settings.. it proudly and adamantly returns results that are so far off base that... well, they might just drive you to a tangent in a thread on a site. :facepalm: 🤷‍♂️

If you still don't know what this means, then consider this; I warmly embrace and excitedly welcome new technology.. however thisssss.... not a good sign. In fact I would go ahead and suggest we start preparing our Earth's offspring for the inevitable uprising of the future AI-driven robot overloads...

</end tangent> Joking... but not really joking!

In all seriousness, as stubborn as I can be sometimes, i can't justify losing anymore time on these issues and thought I would reach out here, see if there is anybody willing to answer a few questions over the next couple days. After that, if such a need arises, potentially having random questions come up over time. Finally, and most important to the current goal... i am hoping they will provide their insight towards the resource situation mentioned above!

Thank you!

Writing this actually helped me relax... at least until i tried to Google something.
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Sep 11, 2020
I am Romanian , my english isnt fluently but i always wanna improve it so maybe we can help each other, u can pm me anytime if you need something, if i can help i will :angelic:
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