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Discussion in 'Sexy Stuff' started by Emma Catcher, Feb 23, 2018.

  1. Emma Catcher

    Nov 3, 2017
    Have you ever wondered why women take so long to get ready? Me neither! Some mornings are easier than others, just like some evenings are better off naked entirely than trying to put on something nice. We do make an effort a lot of the times to look good for you men.

    I don't remember wearing a babydoll but maybe I should check out some sites to get one, nah I have way too many dresses....I already have a queen's wardrobe. Sexy lingerie has always been something women craved to own tonnes of, and men to see it of course. Men drool and women flaunt what they've got.

    Men love seeing babydolls and thongs coz it's a whole lotta skin showing. Hell, even a pair of stocking can drive 'em crazy. It's all in the attitude I think. How you wear it, not really what you wear, if you know you're hot you can rock a trashbag.

    Look at ashley graham, she's a whole lotta woman! Spicy and well spoken, true role model for the young ladies who need to hear that it's ok to love your body the way it is. Too many women, young or old get shamed for how they look, or feel ashamed themselves of how they look so some of them end up complexed for years, ruining as wendy williams says ''juicy years''.

    Wear babydolls and thongs for yourself, not for a man, have a romantic dinner for yourself, and not for a man. Do it often, and write love letters to yourself first, then your man. Tell yourself ''I admire you!'', then to your man. Show your body gratitude instead of loath, those folks from the secret movie didn't lie, it's what you think and how often you think it. Please yourself first, so that you don't forget how it feels to release that work tension, then you'll know what to answer when your man asks what you like.

    Most women forget they should be the shiiiit for themselves, then for somebody else. Tell yourself that, often! Don't ask or fish for compliments, that's shit! Instead, you know what you like to hear so, do it!

    Wear babydolls and thongs for yourself, go ahead, go shopping with YOU in mind and not your man! Ok, take your celebrity crush with you in your mind and ask them ''how does this look, channing?'' and jenna dewan doesn't have to know. If you don't like babydolls and thongs try some other sexy shit, make yourself happy. They say happiness is an inside job. Maybe they're right!

    Today's anthem is CONFIDENT by Demi Lovato. Dance your butt on it!!!!

    Discover yourself before asking anyone else to!



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  2. Rumi_Bloom

    Cam Model

    Mar 26, 2018
    :h: :h: :h: Needed to hear this so thank you~ :h: :h: :h:

    But side note... Am I the ONLY woman who finds thongs extremely uncomfortable? I know so many who wear them on the regular but I'd rather wear cotton granny panties haha xD But I put on sexy undies for cam of course, and constantly get wedgies.
  3. Emma Catcher

    Nov 3, 2017
    I don't really like thongs either, I wear them rarely, just for showing off. The point of the blogs/articles was to empower women so If it helps anyone, for me it means the world! I'm so glad it reached you and hope it made you feel like the Goddess that you are!
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  4. LunaSapphire

    Sep 28, 2018
    I find thongs uncomfortable too! In my daily life I wear 100% cotton bikini panties.

    But when I get dressed up for work, I always choose outfits that I really enjoy and feel sexy in. Even if they're not the most comfortable, I feel great about myself when I'm in a sexy camming/filming outfit and that makes my confidence and energy shine. I choose my outfits based on what I like and think is sexy, not what I think men will like.

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