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Back to MFC after six year absence

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Aurora Laze

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Sep 12, 2016
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So my subject line just about says it all.
What it leaves out is how like many of us I am trying to do this all on my own. And like many before me I do not have any understanding of HTML or CSS. I remember the old interface for editing your profile but it seems different now. Almost the same but with less options. Or maybe I am just not seeing it correctly.
I thought I could take some easy short cuts, I found an awesome app where I could make pretty passable graphics, or so I thought.
After what I thought were a few productive days of editing pictures, adding text, and effects, essentially creating everything I thought I needed for my profile I uploaded them. They look much less impressive on a larger screen but are still passable. The issue for me is that I cannot them lined up properly, I dont like the blockiness of the profile.
I want to buy a template out of confusion but I dont have the funds yet.
Do anyone have any advice or words of wisdom they could offer me??
I would greatly appreciate it.
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