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Ban Hammer at Chaturbate

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May 1, 2020
At Chaturbate - 3 girls I have known for over a year - all 3 banned in last 2 weeks. One was banned - then came back - then banned again now. Whenever I see that I always assume they are banned for getting offsite money but? If you had top 5 list of why CB models get banned - what would be your list ? Only 2 I can think of is offsite money and dirty shows.

I never give any personal info anymore - got on whatsapp a couple of times and wasn't long before I heard sad stories and offers of personal videos for $$$ etc. Gave my email to 2 of them but luckily yahoo has the block function so I never see what they send anymore. On the sites the girls get maybe 40% of the $$$ if they work in a studio so of course they might think outside $$ is good BUT to be banned means zero $$$ and if they not get back on then they have a big financial problem. In business this also proves the point to not base your business on another business and these models have all done that by streaming on the sites. Is no different than a YouTube content creator - or Twitch etc - making big $$$ and break a TOS and then is zero $$$$.
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