Best VPN for Ireland suggestions

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Feb 15, 2017
Here I am looking for the VPN service that works extremely well within Ireland.
Here I found the guide after some research of the best VPN for Ireland.
Should I get one? suggest the one which has Irish servers too.
Mar 21, 2020
north-east United States
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How specifically are you trying to benefit through using a VPN?

If you're trying to stream through a VPN, your best option is renting your own server and establishing your own VPN connection through OpenVPN. The process is a bit of a doozy, so buckle up! Few, if any, consumer-grade VPNs will provide you with adequate speed, bandwith and latency for streaming.

If you're trying to circumvent a ban, you better not! In this day and age, websites can fingerprint your device/browser and link accounts together, thereby banning any other accounts you make. All this will do is burn a server that people may need to access certain services.

Imo, none of the VPN providers in the article you listed are decent. The VPN industry is saturated with providers who focus on advertising more than providing an adequate service, incentivizing internet marketers to claim such and such VPN is "the best" without it actually being so. That One Privacy Site has more accurate and comprehensive VPN reviews.

I use AirVPN (non-affiliate link: for general web browing. It'll run you €99 for 3 years. If you have more money to burn, I'd instead recommend Mullvad (non-affiliate link) which will run you about €5/month, month by month (so no discounts for buying a year at once). AirVPN does not have Irish servers as of right now, but Mullvad does. Though if you're using a VPN you can probably get similar latency connecting to British or European servers.