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Jun 28, 2022
@xChloe and @Charlie_SC

I am writing to request your help with a blocked account. I had a Stripchat account 6 months ago when I was working for a studio. I decided to take a break due to personal reasons. Immediately after that my account was banned (5 months ago). I’ve recently emailed Stripchat support to inquire about the reason for the ban and I was told that another person appeared to be broadcasting with my account and therefore a suspension was enforced. Unfortunately I wasn’t aware of anyone using my account and I had no control what the studio could have been doing with my account considering that they had access.

I'm ready to resume work as an independent model. I emailed Stripchat about this matter and they are asking me to provide documents of the unregistered person in order to unblock my account. Unfortunately I can’t provide that because I don’t know who was using the account in my absence, given the fact that the account was not fully under my control.

Now I do have control of my account after I reset the password. I’d really love to resume work on this platform and was wondering if there is anything you can do to assist me.

Thank you again for your consideration on this important matter.

Industry Representative
Nov 15, 2021
Hey @cutenkinky

I am happy to assist you further and check your account.

Please email me, note your SC username and reference this forum.

I look forward to hearing from you.
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