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How important to you is a models use of social media?

  • Im only interested in models that use several social media platforms

  • Im only interested in models that use twitter or at least 1 social media platform

  • Im not overly bothered but its nice when a model uses social media

  • It doesnt bother me if she doesnt use social media

  • I prefer models that dont use social media

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Cam Model
Jan 4, 2012
New Zealand
Hi guys!

So im just wondering, from a customers/followers point of view, how important is it to you that models make use of social media? The likes of twitter/instagram/tumblr/snapchat etc.

Thanks! :)
Apr 11, 2016
I don't really care if she doesn't have an instagram or twitter. I have this model's snapchat, but that became obsolete when we started texting often. This is coming from someone who doesn't even heavily use social media though. I have a facebook, that's sorta my end all. No need for the others for me. But if it was a model I didn't text, I'd ask for a snapchat or something similar. Offline communication is nice and is a lot more personal way of letting me know when you're coming on. Makes you feel more "special" than getting that email from mfc.
Oct 15, 2015
I think having social media accounts are helpful for models, but I wouldn't say they are required.

I'm not really big on using the platforms personally for my own needs or thoughts. But I like the ability to keep up with people, sports teams etc that I enjoy.

The only recommendation I'd give. And it's for lack of phrasing. But, say you have a paid Snapchat you give out to your members keep it different from what you give away free on say Twitter or Instagram.
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Aug 4, 2016
I voted for "Im not overly bothered but its nice when a model uses social media". I primarily use twitter. It's nice to get updates about a model's schedule or if she's planning on releasing new videos soon, etc.

I think it can strengthen a bond between a model and her community as well because there are some MFC models who I started liking a lot more after I started following them on twitter. (But on the other hand there are others who I ended up thinking less of after seeing what they're really like during their "off hours")
Aug 23, 2016
I think its extremely helpful if the girls have a twitter. It almost like "legitimizes" them to me as a serious cammer and not just someone that will occasionally sneak on when their Husband/Wife/Parents whoever isnt around. They seem more reliable when they have a social media presence. I find quite a few cam girls by the twitter accounts of other cam girls that I follow. I do think its a nice bonus when they have a snapchat that they offer. I dont understand tumblr and instagram just seems like needless thing to have IMO
Sep 27, 2016
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I found my fav model and reason why I started dropping cash on mfc on Instagram then added her Twitter .i couldn't believe this hot chick was a cam model lol. I think it helps a lot in my opinion. I've seen so many dudes say they signed up for mfc because of her like today 8 comments on her Instagram,she's kinda new but I think she's gonna move up quick and social media def plays a part . Her name is leeannstar on mfc and leeannstar23 on Instagram and Twitter (ppl asked who I was talking about a few times)
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