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CamSum (Spain, 2016): The most Friendly, Innovative & International event for LiveCams!

Discussion in 'General Cam Chat' started by Jobs4Adults.com, Feb 4, 2016.

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  1. Jobs4Adults.com

    Feb 1, 2011
    Humanity has never been closer to World War III and self-extinction than it is TODAY: wars, terrorism, massive immigration, zika, ebola, contamination, unemployment, religious conflicts & hate, fake values and fake leaders, not enough visions and visionaries, hunger and diseases, limited resources, corruption, lack of trust. That's why, today, more than ever, we need LEADERS, VALUES & VISIONARIES! So fuckin' boring to limit Cam Industry to Anatomy & Instinct! "Don't call me bb!" Would I brutally surprise you if I suggested that "Sex Industry" could (and should!) deliver also Education, positive Political changes, Spiritual growth & refinament, Progress to the World, Answers & Solutions?

    CamSum.com (the Cam Summit) is an event dedicated to Cam Industry (models, cam sites, studios, trainers, models promoters, webmasters & affiliates, traffic dealers, payments providers, etc.), organized in Spain (Lloret de mar), from 25 May till 31 May 2016, and includes the cam gala awards EroticCamAwards.com (27 May, 2016).

    Why 7 days?
    The usual cam/adult industry events (conventions, congresses, summits, gatherings, etc.) last 3-4 days long, with many people coming 1-2 days earlier and leaving 1-2 days later...So!
    In the first 3 days (25-27 May 2016), we organize the main events (seminars, products presentations, business contacts & parties). In the evening of 27 May 2016, we have the EroticCamAwards ceremony (twitter.com/EroticCamAwards). So, the busy participants can opt for the short version of 3 days. For those who want more business and fun, we have another 4 days of Campus (28-31 May, 2016), where every day we dedicate it to one big category of cam professionals:
    - LGBT Day (dedicated to Gays & Trans from cam);
    - Webmasters & Affiliates Day;
    - Models Day;
    - Studios Day.

    We organize CamSum in Lloret de mar, one of the best known holiday destination for young people in Spain, near Barcelona! The Hotel (Olympic Congress Center, 4****) is perfect for organizing business meetings, has very good prices, quality services, and is located in the center, at 5 minutes near the beach. In May the weather is fine so we can enjoy parties at the pool or on the beach!

    Why CamSum?
    - One of the main organizers of CamSum is CamMillionaires.com, a company dedicated to models promotion, so our main focus is promoting models and offering them the best knowledges about how they can better brand and promote themselves, together with ideas on how they can diversify their income.
    - Models Entertainment - CamSum is the 1st cam event that wants to encourage models to create the entertainement. Our event is not "only about party". It is about "Work & Party", so, create the party: offer an adult joke, an erotic monologue, recite or sing, show us how good you know to move in the clubs on your favourite songs (your picture and name on the screens!), be the MC and entertain the party for 10-20 minutes (your picture and name on the screens!). What about an erotic dance or...a strip show? THE PARTY IS YOU!
    - one full day dedicated to the main professionals categories, in Campus (28-31 May 2016): LGBT, Webmasters & Affiliates, Models, Studios.
    - in the tourist village Lloret de mar, near the beach, during summer with lots of parties on the beach and at swimming pools.

    The Party is YOU!
    Our main slogan, doesn't mean that we will only drink and dance! All our event we consider it a "party", a great time to spend with people that you like to meet, see again, talk, have fun, while learning things, sharing each other's experiences and actually do business! And this party is YOU, because its success depends on ALL and each of the participants, not only the organizers, on how much you want a new cam event, how many times you share us in your social networks and recommend us to friends or business partners, on how much you get involved to help the event and actually creating it by participating to seminars and expert panels, or being part of our entertainement moments (dance, sing, strip, dress or behave funny, etc!)!

    Values, Interests & Groups
    At CamSum we will talk about Values and Interests, because we strongly believe that "the best cam event" can be made only if we manage to bring together the biggest number of people who share the same values & interests. In the same time, we want to encourage the creation of an "official group", based on these same values & interests, and to transform this group in the 1st Association dedicated to Cam Industry.

    Our values?

    It's nice to be important but at CamSum & EroticCamAwards IS MORE IMPORTANT TO BE NICE!

    It's the main engine that brings the Progress to Humanity. And not always the biggest innovators are those who made or still make the most money.

    The cam events that exist now, are almost all focused on one continent, one language or even one country (more than 70-80% are from 1 continent or the same country). We want to be The Meeting Point for all the countries, cultures, continents and languages involved in Cam Industry, because we love diversity and we believe that from diversity come the best ideas, businesses and parties. Beside, EVERYBODY agrees that we need models, studios and affiliates from as many countries as possible, not only from 3 countries!

    Why cam is art? How can we add more art to the cam?

    What means to seduce? What more can we use to seduce beside our body? Can cam models become Internet Celebrities?

    Getting bored of camming? Does it start to look like a "9 till 5 job"? Where is the fun? How can we add more fun?

    Loving your customers, fans, trainers, studio, promoters, business partners...can help you make more money?

    The Organizers:

    1. Luca ( www.CamMillionaires.com ):
    "CamSum is about opening multiple new horizons where cam industry can infinitely continue its spectacular expansion...Sex is the most powerful instrument to entertain (and control!) the masses. Add to this the global power of social networks and apps! Soon, we'll be more powerful than the Illuminati and it will be US to dictate The New World Order! But we're commited to stay good, save the Planet, save the polar bears, free Willy, fight the global warming and contamination, deliver Education, Culture and Arts to the masses, make Love the only Religion, bring Peace & Progress. (And more Sex! And more Profits!)
    We strongly believe that "Culture makes you Sexy!" and that "Sharing is caring!", so our EroticCamAwards ceremony has as slogan: "#Donate2Wiki - Culture is SEXY!", with donations going towards Wikipedia - the greatest human project to give free access to knowledges to anybody! Power to the people!"

    2. Sofi Mora ( www.twitter.com/SofiMoraXXX ):
    "I was extremelly delighted to join CamSum as organizer and EroticCamAwards as co-host, with Luca. I totally love cam and I guess CamSum, as the 1st congress dedicated only to adult webcam from Spain, is a gret opportunity for Spanish cam models, cam and photo studios, webmasters and affiliates, web designers or people involved in porn. Camming offers multiple options to diversify their incomes for the people who are already in the Adult Industry or for the new comers who are looking for a job or want to start their own business working from home. The event will be presented both in English and Spanish. We already have some great names on our participants list, international stars and from Spain, from cam or porn, and I encourage more Spanish to participate and also the big international cam sites to support our event, seminars, parties and cam awards ceremony! Cam is the New Hollywood!"

    3. Natasha Bomb ( www.NatashaBomb.com ):
    "I adore the fact that CamSum is not the typical "more parties and how to make more money" cam event. It's great to learn how we can become Internet Celebrities and use the power of Viral Marketing, but is even greater that we can use our business-job, fame and money to make positive changes in the world we share. We do need a New World Order where bombs should only mean "weapons of mass seduction"! Natasha Bomb is about blowing minds, not people, not houses, monuments, schools, hospitals and scientific research complexes! Let's all the cam models unite and make a (sexy) viral and send a clear message to the nowadays leaders (they also jerk at our pics, shows or videos): "Dear potent political leaders: STOP THE WARS! Stop the crimes! Let's make LOVE the only Religion & Politics!" And last, but not least: "Mr. Kim Jong-un, give up the bombs experiments! If you wanna test a real bomb, you should try ME!!!" ;)

    4. ViktorRom ( www.twitter.com/ViktorRomXXX ):
    "I do Porn, but recently I started to get involved also into camming. I guess that erotic videochat offers great solutions to multiply and diversify your revenues, increase your brand, grow your social networks and fans base, especially for porn actors and actrices. Porn and cam share lots of things in common, although they can also be done independently. I do hope that more of my coleagues from the Spanish porn will join our event and see the opportunities that adult webcam has for porn. I am very happy to be part of CamSum organizers team, and especially for the LGBT events. Is great that CamSum will offer more space to Gays and Trans niches that have showed enormous growth in the recent years. Come to CamSum to learn, share and have fun! The Party is YOU!"

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  2. justjoinedtopost

    In the Dog House

    Feb 23, 2015
    Getting me all excited about the coming apocalypse just to tell me about some cam summit is not nice.
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  3. MiaFoxUK

    Cam Model

    Oct 22, 2015
    theres nothing like blaming immigrants for a coming apocalypse to get me in the mood for work
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  4. justjoinedtopost

    In the Dog House

    Feb 23, 2015
    as long as I can have a go at the Greeks...
  5. nathanielfromessex


    Jan 19, 2016
    So I'm here to help you make more money on the internet!! What an odd and dishonest opening. Self important delusions of grandeur aside, event will probably be fun. Hope all those attending have a wonderful time. THE PARTY IS YOU!
  6. Jobs4Adults.com

    Feb 1, 2011
    Hi, Keny. You've got pretty close: if it was not "the intro", probably any message would have been "about some cam summit". In the same time, I've mentioned some problems for which the Humanity has 2 choices: deal with them, or watch the other side and trying to see something nicer. The second option, might not be with the happy ending.

    Hi, Mia. Immigrants never were a problem, I am myself an immigrant, or better said a "citizen of this world"...but when we talk about massive immigration, especially because of wars (refugees), this is already creating huge difficulties mainly to immigrants, in the conditions that the countries that received them didn't take care of them...Not to mention how many of them are dying daily trying to reach Europe or other places...Yeah, not the kind of stuff that brings happiness on our faces, but we can bring some happiness to them and we can send positive messages to show that we care and help. When we say that "Camming is Art!", should we include the peaceful message that Art transmits? Should we include also our protests against Evil, wars, terrorism, etc??? You can say, I'm a dreamer, but...I'm not the only one.

    Hi, Nathaniel. No, me and my colleagues, we're not only into "making more money" and/or teaching this to others. Not only money matters in life. As you can see, we also invite to conversations about values, interests, groups of interests and associations...but it seems that even us we can be suspected of being dishonest and odd, or that stuff with "self important etc". Yes, I do participate myself at cam events in Europe for more than 8 years and always enjoyed to the max (seminars, parties, networking, etc), although there are also people that always complain about any event, party, award...Depends on the attitude. Cheers!
  7. Jobs4Adults.com

    Feb 1, 2011

    Because some other adult event in Europe anounced these days the same time table as us, and some cam companies complained that they have to choose between the 2, we decided to change ours: 20-22 May, 2016.

    That way we don't overlaps any adult/cam event in Europe or USA.
    On 22 May 2016 we have http://www.EroticCamAwards.com , these days we launch the new sites and start the nominations.


    PS. Glad to see also Pornhub joined our "Save the Planet!" campaign with their "Save the whales one video at a time":
  8. Jobs4Adults.com

    Feb 1, 2011
    It was such a great pleasure to meet some of you at TheEuropeanSummit and LiveCamAwards in Spain: ChronicLove of Chaturbate, PatriciaGoddess of Jasmin, again LittleRedBunny, Mistress Alexya, Devious Angel, etc, etc For those interested to see some pics at the event, can check out:

    Let's hope that also CamSum.com and EroticCamAwards.com will be 2 great cam events! ;)

    Have you voted at http://EroticCamAwards.com yourself or your favourite model, cam site, webmaster, etc??? :)

    Models, if you need promotion here
    http://eroticcamawards.com/girls/ (for girls)
    http://eroticcamawards.com/boys/ (for boys)
    http://eroticcamawards.com/trans/ (for trans)
    please send us 20-30 pictures at jobs4adults@gmail.com with WeTransfer.com and retweet us when we tweet you.

    As about the models and webmasters who participated at the experts panels about "Social Media for cam models" where I moderated, or my seminar "Viral marketing for cam models", I hope you enjoyed it at least as I did! ;)

    Cheers! :*
  9. WebcamStartup

    WebcamStartup Deactivated Account

    Apr 14, 2015
    Don't get me started with the Greeks. The Euro / USD exchange rate used to be so fucking awesome. It'd still be awesome if I was any place NOT the USA.
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