Can we get an art thread going?

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I would love to see all the artists in the house!! It doesn't matter if you're a musician, painter, graphic artist, photographer, whatever! Drop your current or favorite piece/project or state what you like to do :joyful:

I'm a tattoo apprentice so the majority of my work is illustrative, but I want to get into hentai and manga!

(I have some of my work attached)



Cam Model
Dec 16, 2017
I would love to sell some art someday but I didn't have any success a few years back when I tried to offer commissions on DeviantART. Since then, I haven't posted much of my stuff online, but I will definitely share some later :)
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I like doing weird photography. I used to love going to abandoned, creepy places and taking photos of the scenery. I mostly do self portraits now in my spare time, but I'd love to one day get more into it and do some shoots with models at different locations.


I paint now and then! I just play around with acrylic, and can't do much more than just fine like characters but its fun and I enjoy it
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These are so precious :joyful:

By the way, there's a peculiar and active industry rep here who already made a sketch/drawing thread. I think that joining the threads can be a cool idea, what do you think?
I like that idea!!! How do we do that?
Sorry I’m still new to this forum, let alone forums in general haha


V.I.P. AmberLander
Jan 21, 2013
I feel wrong posting non-speedy non-sketch stuff in the speed sketch thread, and I think there's definitely room for two showoff art threads around here. I'm still practicing at digital painting by making pinups. This is a work in progress of a portrait of Melissa Anne Moore, former Playboy model and 90s bad direct-to-video movie star. I feel like I'm capturing the likeness pretty well, actually, which is nice.


I really do wish big teased hair and tanlines would drop back into style. If nothing else, they're elements that are really fun to draw and paint.
I drew for the first time in ages! I feel so accomplished. :happy: She's a character from one of my stories. Now, I'm trying to draw her boyfriend. Giving myself a rest after drawing the sketch, so I can sleep on it and see if I can look at it with new eyes and improve it.


I made a new Deviantart account, if anyone wants to be friends!


Cam Model
Mar 26, 2018
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I love to write all sorts of things from poems, to stories, to scripts when I have the inspiration. :h: I also love to design outfits and things for characters, but I can't draw well sadly so I always have to commission people to bring my concepts to life.
Nov 6, 2017
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One of my favorite models on MFC. She wouldn't stop moving, however. lol. These were lightening-fast sketches.

Thanks to this thread, I've been doing more cam-model sketching. The models seem to enjoy it. After I did one woman's portrait - she was facing the monitor so she could see me - she said "nobody has ever looked at me like that before."
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