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Can't log in at all

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Mar 11, 2018
Hey, I'm kinda new here but I'm having so many issues and I'm also kinda worried. So I tried to log into Chaturbate a fair few weeks ago and found that I couldn't. I mean, this was weird because I have my login stuff saved on there, but it was bouncing me saying that my details were wrong. I tried resetting my password but I never received any help from chaturbate support. I got an automated email saying that I should try 2 step verification which is impossible so I'm kinda stuck. I have bank details on that account and I'm like super worried that someone's managed to get hold of my account. I'm not entirely sure what to do next if anyone knows the next step for me?
Jan 3, 2013
If you're having issues with logging into your account you will need to email they may ask you security questions, but please take note that Support are taking quite a long time due to a back log of emails they are going through (24 - 78 hours).

It is possible that your account was hacked into, this is why Chaturbate recommends to enable the 2-step verification when making an account on the site.

If you're going to message Shirley (punk barbie) please make sure you include your username otherwise shes unable to help you.
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