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Cb Account Ban: Nyla_Krush

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Apr 23, 2022
United States
Chaturbate Username
My username is nyla_krush
I receive the message that my account is banned and that’s access is denied because reason to believe that I’ve violated terms of service m.

I’ve been been banned one time before, contacted support, they told me why I was banned/suspended and activated my account again once I agreed to not break that rule again..

They also said if I was banned again it would be permanent (I may be misremembering) but now that I’ve been banned again, I see my account is not terminated though.

I’ve contacted support twice wanting to know why I got banned and what steps to take to be unbanned again.

This all took place on April 17th - April 20th of 2022.

My CB SUPPORT email tickets I generated from both my email inquiries are:

April 17-18:

[Chaturbate] 19467368 - Re: Nyla_Krush ACCOUNT BANNED

April 19-20:

[Chaturbate] 19490635 - Re: nyla_krush - My account was banned.

I appreciate any and all help with this! I just want my account back & to know what is going on!

@punker barbie
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