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Nov 29, 2020
New guy here - still learning the ropes so please please don't rail me too hard for this ;)

I searched for older topics with the same subject but they appear to be rather outdated and locked...

I have an odd fetish, I really think its cute to see women blowing bubblegum bubbles. It's a cute tease and something that tends to keep me in a room for a while. However, this seems to be a difficult thing to accommodate as most models do not carry gum, and if they do its only plain mint gum which really doesn't make bubbles.

Does anyone know of any CB girls who do this or would be willing to during a show? No, im not looking for freebies, I tip for this every time! Also, if the model gets a particularly big one or we're just having fun in general I always tip more for effort.

I have heard one turn off for models not doing this are the guys who come in and just want huge bubbles non stop and keep pushing to go bigger - I think this is a different version of the fetish, more of the inflation/balloon group and not what I'm looking for, but I can understand a model's frustration since this effort would keep her from interacting with other customers as well. Size isn't any deal breaker to me, just love the fun interaction with bubbles spicing it up!

Any models do this these days?
Seconding what Audri said, especially because as you have mentioned, bubblegum is not something that most folks would have on hand at any given time. I mean maybe I'm wrong, but I imagine most adults don't chew it on the regular.

I say this with the acknowledgment that I did in fact have a bubblegum lover who would visit me back in the day. He approached me by asking about it prior, tipping me the cost + compensation for my time to get it (after site cut, do not expect a performer to absorb the cost of the product, the time involved, or the percentage the site keeps) + extra on top, then tipping before and during later shows for bubble blowing. It wasn't something I was always willing to incorporate, and he was very understanding of that fact. So it was all fine by me. I don't chew gum at all anymore though, this is not an ad. 😂 Just hoping to be helpful with my explanation of how it worked out for that client and me.

Find a performer you like, ask if they are willing, and be ready to cover the overhead before a paid bubble sesh at another time. I think you will have more luck finding performers willing to blow bubbles than performers ready to blow bubbles at a moment's notice.
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