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Chaturbate Account Banned for first time

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Jan 13, 2022
On January 12,

I never realized why I got banned from Chaturbate. So, there was one my favorite model and I came talk to her in everyday since, I started talking to her about suicide stuff like that when I was little kid in the past. Like I mentioned, 14-16 years old(I'm not underage) about what happened to me. Telling a story to her (my favorite model). After that she told me that she wants to finish goal since, I've already locked my debit card in mins ago (for some financial reason) I went to purchase tokens and somehow I got blocked by trying to purchase the tokens because I forgot to unlock my debit card. A while then... I got banned for whatever reason. I have no idea why I was banned for... I've been contacted to chaturbate support about apology letters even if I did something wrong or broke their rules but what could I do wrong with that? Was this about suicide stuff like that or tokens issues to block your account for some reason? I honestly regretted it so much because I need that account back like really bad.. I don't understand what was happening. Nobody reports me or other models. Only one person that I've talked to about it. I'm honestly just scared because I have no idea what happened to me. Will they give me another chance to get unbanned? Any ideas? Please tell me what could go wrong with that? I wanted to know Likely, I think they will ask me for age verification for some reason because I talked about it. I have no idea

I've been thinking that I was using VPN too much to change the ip address? Like... I didn't make new accounts or anything else. or could this be an issue?

I honestly feel like.. I was very wrong and learned from my mistakes but I have no idea what was happening really.. To know that like I'm really sorry about that and will never do it again the future. Just incase...

username: zerogo1
Ticket: 18928014

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I would love to get my account back but at this time. I will follow the rules and promised that will be carefully in next time.
To know that I made new account that limited are only 2. Didn't make new accounts more than that.

Can I get a chance to get unbanned please. I really appreciated that if you can. I'm really sorry about what happened if I did was very wrong.

Thank you for understanding
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Updated: I went to my other account. I've purchased 900 tokens but the problem is that I tried to start private show with someone else. I can't do anything about it.
I made new ticket from my different email for refund. I want 900 token refund back through bitcoin address please. I didn't understand what was happening. I'm so confused and not understanding by what is going on with my account??? I'm exteremly so sad and been using that site for long time because i haven't done anything wrong. Please help !!!

Ticket number: 18941860


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@punker barbie I've been trying to contact CB Support and they ignored and not telling me the reason why I got banned and I asked them for refund 900 tokens. So, That is big steal from me since, they banned my other account. I have no idea what is going on with this. I've been waiting for 8 days from now... It makes me upset about it. Please help
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Updated: My main account has automatically turned on for fan club monthly. I was charged for $14.99 in every month. I didn't get email for receipt or anything else. So, likely that chaturbate support team never responded back to me in almost 2 weeks from now... I have no idea why they never tell me what's up with my account?
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