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Chaturbate Account Banned - Sub_NicoleValley

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@punker barbie

My account name on chaturbate is Sub_NicoleValley
A friend of mine told me you could possibly help me or give advise on what I should do.
We had a power outage while I was broadcasting, and I was waiting for power to come back on. I accidently fell asleep during the outage and we had gotten power back sometime during the night - my broadcast was still open, so I was asleep. Then when I woke up we had no power again and I had gotten a message stating my room was banned. I was unable to close out of my room due to the outage and one of my mods - who has access to my computer was unable to close out as well due to power going off and on. Chaturbate banned my room due to me sleeping, but I was unable to even close out of the room, so I'm not sure what to do next. We were without power for over 11 hrs.
Thanks in advance for your help,
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