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Chaturbate affiliate - account problem

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Sep 20, 2018
Hello @punker barbie,

I've been promoting Chaturbate for more than 2 and half years and we both made money together during this time.(I pushed the 20% revshare program)

My chaturbate username is: "best1offer"

Today when I logged in to see the daily stats I got a error message:
Account Banned
We have reason to believe that you may have violated our terms of service.

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or concerns regarding this action.

During these 2 and half years I sent the same type of traffic, mainly social media and all was ok. But, all of the sudden today I've been banned :(
It's hard for me to understand it, maybe you can explain it for me better.(I haven't got a specific answer, only a general one).

I'm a experienced affiliate marketer(I have over 10 years of experience into the adult affiliate industry) and worked with many affiliate companies in the past like: datinggold, loadedcash, crakrevenue, adverten, los pollos, revolucionforce and haven't had such problems(bans).
If you need proofs that I worked with any of the mentioned networks feel free to ask and I'll make a printscreen with the stats.

If somehow I've done a mistake I would like to know what's it and promise you I will never do it again if you will unban my account.

For now I switched my traffic to another affiliate program until I will resolve the issue with you but I'm willing to switch it back if we resolve the issue in a positive way.

I'm waiting for a answer.

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