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Chaturbate Banning Someone - What Does it Look Like for Them?

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Jul 15, 2022
I recently started camming on Chaturbate - I discussed it with my former partner while I was gathering equipment for it so he was aware and okay with it. I messed up though and accidentally sent him a screenshot with my CB name in it and he pointed it out at the time asking if I had wanted him to have my name because I made it clear at the time I didn’t want him watching or participating because he was jealous af!!

We broke up a couple months before I actually started one of the reasons being I found out he had been to real life big boy jail for stalking one of his former partners, and when I got the Nora he got the max and started pressuring tf out of me to use them together multiple times a day every day, and I still haven’t been able to get him to leave me alone and stop texting me and so forth - I region blocked his state - however every single day since a week or so after I started (maybe a month and a half now) I have a viewer that joins my room the second I start broadcasting, that tips well, doesn’t talk much (really just only says hello and they’re doing okay and then just sits and watches the entire broadcast), only has three followers on their account - they bought access to my Twitter and their Twitter account is also a brand new account with no followers and following like 4 general users I follow, and after talking to them a little bit on there (they’re still very tight lipped) they use the same turns of phrase as my ex and also through Twitter constantly pressure me to use my Nora with their max (is that a thing that other models do? Is it normal to have users that have max that want to use them together?) - also he streams on twitch and it’s pretty common that when I stop broadcasting on CB I get the twitch notification that he’s started streaming.

I know he’s familiar with VPNs and has used them in the past.

Sorry, this is all over the place I’m just super creeped out because I’m pretty convinced it’s him cyberstalking me and I want to ban him by saying something like oh I’m having network problems today and then hit the ban but I don’t know what it will look like on his end if I do that and I don’t want him to just make another account to start following me on. It really makes it difficult for me to perform because I’m uncomfortable and creeped out the whole time (yesterday I just logged out after and hour or so really frustrated) worried he may be screen recording for revenge porn purposes (which is weird, I get it, but he knows exactly who to send something like that to in order to cause the most damage, if they found out unintentionally it wouldn’t bother me).

Anyway - long story short 🤦‍♀️ If you ban someone from your room what does it look like on their end? Or do y’all with more experience have any recommendations for this beyond starting a new account on CB? I’d hate to lose my followers and the connections I’ve already made.
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Apr 21, 2020
Sorry to hear you’re having a hard time. Hopefully you can find a way to at least get past the worry so you can enjoy your broadcasts more.

To answer your question: I’ve only been banned by a model once on CB, and if I recall correctly:

- I got a basic message when it happened telling me I had been banned from the model’s room (maybe a pop-up window? I can’t recall exactly)
- I got redirected to either the CB home page or my followed models page
- The model that banned me no longer appeared on CB for me (in my favorites or otherwise)
- 30 days or so later, I was unbanned and everything went back to normal again (so if you’re considering a permanent ban, keep in mind, a normal ban isn’t permanent, but you can make it that way afterward if you look in your settings)

Also keep in mind that via VPN or other means (different device, new account, viewing anonymously, etc), he may still be able to view your room after a ban. Which isn’t ideal, but it’s good to be aware of that possibility.

Good luck with everything.
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