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chaturbate camming in china?

Discussion in 'General Cam Chat' started by golem, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. golem

    Dec 5, 2018
    hi, i got a female friend who wants to cam at chaturbate but she is in China where chaturbate is banned, i wonder if shes able to cam without much internet problem using VPN???anyone here got similar experiences??

  2. Lelo1

    May 8, 2012
    Isn't pornography strictly forbidden in China? I hear it can carry a maximum sentence of life in prison.
    China is actively using facial recognition to identify criminals.
    And cam girl sites get recorded, recordings exists forever.
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  3. melanieoncam

    Cam Model

    Sep 18, 2010
    Far too risky. Why would she put herself in that sort of situation when it's illegal and she could risk imprisonment or worse?
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  4. NerdyZoey

    Cam Model

    Jun 3, 2018
    I’m sure she is aware of the laws as China has been super cracking down on pornographers in for many years. I feel sad she still feels like the risk of spending her life in prison is worth it. However to actually answer your question about a vpn.

    It is super risky as China does not allow the use of a vpn to get around their firewalls and access blocked sites. Even if you just want to use the American google they track these things and hundred of thousands of people are busted and thrown in prison regularly.

    Beyond that she will need to show her ID to chaturbate to show her she and stuff. I’m not sure if they donaddress verificstion yet, but many sites do and I wouldn’t be surprised if chaturbate does now it will soon. I do not believe they will help her break the law. I believe that they have to abide by Chinese Export laws because YouTube,google, Netflix, twitch and what not do. It’s breaking federal laws here, international laws, and Chinese laws. As per my understanding of the export laws.
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  5. Slapstick

    Feb 19, 2018
    I think simply using a VPN is illegal for citizens in China. It is certainly not the kind of risk I would be willing to take.
  6. Minase

    Nov 14, 2016
    vpn slows internet connection it will make the streaming slow. and depends if chaturbate is accessible in China. for example in my country somewhere in south eastern asia, porn hub and some porn site are banned even if u use a proxy its useless because its the ISP that filters the websites. those are order from the government. i really miss pornhub and the others.
  7. QuinnLane

    Jan 31, 2018
    I have had to prove my address to CB for verification reasons, so it could absolutely randomly happen to her.
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