Chaturbate Chat gifs and emoticons questions

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Apr 17, 2019
Hi I just started on Chaturbate (first broadcast was yesterday) and one of the users showed me a few chat tricks and I would like to know where to find more? Specifically he showed me to type ":FOLLOW" and a gif that pointed to the follow button popped up. I feel silly asking this but I cant find a list of all these chatroom tricks and gifs that advertise things like this. Thank you for the help!

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There is no specific list. All the gifs are uploaded by random people under random names.

Just type :follow and press the up and down arrow keys to scroll through all the gifs people uploaded under :follow and choose the ones you like.
Just make your own and upload them . Just make sure the dimensions are no bigger than 80x250 pixels if they are animated. Otherwise the gif will not work in chat.


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Nov 12, 2017
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To add to what @TenDresdon said, the size needs to be 250x80 pixels (Width by Height) and no larger than 1mb in file size in order to appear properly.
If either one (or both) of those is broken, the image will still upload but it will result in showing a blue border around it (indicating you can click to view the larger size) - and an animated GIF will NOT animate unless you click on it. To view full sized versions of images, simply click on the image and it will open in a new popup.

You can pretty much type any word you want to after the colon ( : ) and find any image you could desire.

There s no proper place for lots of things but always ask here and everyone will happily assist you, so if you see someone do something but have no clue how, ask. Everyone started somewhere so they don't mind helping
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