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Chaturbate rips off tippers too

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Jan 13, 2016
United States
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Another reason I'm suspicious of Chaturbate now is because when all these "outages" have been happening, a member will take me private, they will get kicked out of the private and the website will continue to take their tokens. So, the website rips of tippers and models. The Chaturbate support page says that the "support team" is available 24/7 but submitting my W9 form is taking days and I suspect it will be put on hold since tomorrow is Saturday. I'm not going to log into Chaturbate and make them more money until this is resolved. I hope other models will do the same. Find another website to work on. Don't give chaturbate your energy and their half of the cash while they're withholding your payment. It's not fair at all. I thought these websites were supposed to support women? This website has been operating for years but for some reason they haven't found a sufficient support system for the models who make them all their money? Okay......
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Nov 8, 2022
I've just come across your post, which you made three months ago (I only joined this forum a few days ago), and I agree with you. I haven't experienced the "still taking tokens during outages" problem, but I have seen an increasing number of problems in my room and in the rooms of the other models I visit (I'm a man, and I earn tokens in my room from other men and spend them in girls' rooms). More outages, more inability to post messages in PM, saying "the model has left the room" when they're still open and camming, and even not seeing myself listed as present in my own room! Their service seems to have got worse recently, and the final problem for me is that I can't get their new Jumio verification system to work and their Support department has been completely useless so I'm about to lose my verification.

I've been on Chaturbate for seven years, and they're not as good as they were and their Support isn't as good as it used to be. Perhaps there's been a change of management or ownership, or they're short of money, or something, but it's not as good as it was. Bye bye Charurbate...