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Chaturbate support does nothing about users blackmailing broadcasters.

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Mar 9, 2022
I'm absolutely aware that @punker barbie probably won't respond or acknowledge this as she seldom does, but I really don't know where else to turn. There is a user on Chaturbate who goes by two different names currently (that I know of): wearamask4me and mistersenators. These are alt accounts he has made of a previously permanently banned account Raptors44uu. He constantly goes into newer girls' room that don't have an idea of how the site works, and then pretends to help them figure things out. Secretly, he is recording their shows and he tries to gain their trust so he will add his personal snap also named Raptors44uu. When they're added on that Snap, he proceeds to blackmail them into doing what he wants otherwise he will release the footage online and to "people they know."

I have also been permanently banned from CB on account of him impersonating me and sending messages to others and CB also refuses to do anything about that.

I have sent in screenshot after screenshot of this individuals conduct, his bragging about his actions, his boasting and his shit. I've had broadcasters that have been victims of his tell me they reported him, and yet the MOST that is done is maybe a suspension, but usually nothing comes of it.

So, @punker barbie, if you could be so kind, tell me why the fuck that CB support is in such a shitty state of affairs that you have a dude openly bragging about blackmailing new broadcasters, and I send in screenshots, and they report him, and yet nothing is done about this toxic, inhumane, piece of garbage. Why is it he can impersonate me and get me banned from the site, but sending in proof of his conduct results in absolutely nothing being done to him? What is that nonsense. This isn't acceptable. At all. CB support needs to do and be better. It WAS better early on. Support actually dealt with problems, they responded quickly. Now you're lucky if they even respond to you after their own fuck ups. And any user you report is generally dealt with a piss poor response on which they don't do anything. I am incredibly disappointed.
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