community goals on my tip menu??

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I am on chaturbate and to go up the top page you need more views (that's not including the recommended with viewers), and building a fan-base does make this so much easier. I also added a section for events/sales and raffles to make things easier to find instead of separate images. So what I did was create the number of follower, viewers and tokens plus the reward for them. What do you guys think about this idea? and what do you think of my "tip menu" all together?
***The Number are insignificant for the goals as this was to get an idea of how I would execute it***



Cam Model
Apr 3, 2015
I personally would not give incentives for follows because you will get a bunch of people following you just to see the reward and then unfollow you right after and a bunch of meaningless follows from people who don’t really care so your number will be inflated. If you are going to use incentives for follows at least make them follow you on social media as well, that way you get the ones who are interested and were going to follow you anyway on a second platform.
@Innocent_Intentions Is there just to much going on?? What would you remove or change??

@Kitsune so the followers not a good idea but what about watchers... The actual people in your room??

Thank you both for your quick replies
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