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Jul 22, 2021
Hey all! I run We Protect, a content protection agency. We're a bit newer, but we have extensive legal experience and are making some really positive progress in protecting creator's content.

So what is content protection?

I'm sure as you know by now, after your content is published, it is often pirated and "leaked" on to various sites.

Sometimes it's resold to unsuspecting subscribers or your accounts are catfished. That means people steal your imagery and use it to create social media profiles using your content and stealing your potential subscribers.

All of this leads to a decrease in the amount of revenue you can bring in, along with a dilution of your brand.

We help with that!

After you register with us, we scan for leaked content on a huge multitude of websites, both public and hidden.

Then we send DMCA takedown notices both to the website and the hosting provider. It can be a bit of a pain to find the hosting provider as many websites now attempt to conceal it, but we have a few proprietary tools to help us find the hosting providers. What usually happens then is that soon after removing the content, another user on the site reuploads it. Once we have removed content somewhere though, it's added to a special list that we monitor and can remove content from even faster than normal! That means reoffenders are dispatched even quicker.

Depending on the extent of the link, we can also have it entirely removed from Google and Bing as well.

Finally, we use a reverse facial image scanner to continue to monitor the web for your content.

I'd love to answer any questions you have about the process and services like We Protect.


Cam Model
Aug 22, 2019
Hmm, no contact information on your site. No about us. Using a cheap/free hosting platform.
No pricing up front.
And a name that is hard to google because it is virtually the same as

this site has logos for Forbes and Lifehacker, but when I clicked (mobile) they dont link to an article in those publications 🤔 and I couldnt find on google.

OP needs to finish their website .

Jul 22, 2021
Hey, thanks for the feedback! Definitely don't want to be sus!

A little background, we've been processing DMCA requests for a bit on different platforms and decided to roll our own service. Services like Cam Model Protection are crazy expensive and they outsourced to, ahem, people we know anyway.

Our goal is to offer a low cost, affordable platform that's much more in depth than the other services you may be familiar with.

And yeah, we're still building the site as we're setting up our own entity!

Give us a try! Happy to offer free takedowns and monitoring for the first 5 folks to sign up. Like I said, we're newer as an organization but we have chops. 💪
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