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Creepy member still being able to see my room

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Jan 17, 2017
Last night A premium member started begging in my room. So I banned him. He pmd me and cursed me out etc but then things got weird when he said he can still see me. And he actually could! Because later on someone tipped for a flash and I flashed and he then pmd me this: 97E6C1B6-8FE5-4678-99AB-E6F3FB5BE1FE.jpeg
I’ve literally tried everything to keep this member from seeing my room. I banned him for life, blocked him from viewing me in my settings, and even temporarily added a country to my blocked locations list just so he wouldnt be able to view me! But he still could! At the time there was one guest in my room. At first I thought he was the one guest but How could he be the guest if I blocked the country from viewing my room? And how could he be the guest if he’s talking to me as a premium? This situation has never happened to me before and I’m
Not sure what to do :(


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First, put him in ignore so he can’t bother you in PM or MFC mail.

Second, he’s on a VPN so the geoblock is useless. His premium name is banned from your room but he can log out and watch as a guest (then PM you because a ban is not an ignore).

Third, having your PMs on “friends only” will help avoid being bothered by people you ban in the future.
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