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Custom Vid Raffle - please help me pay my vets bills!

Discussion in 'Models: Advertise Here!' started by MiaFoxUK, May 30, 2018.

  1. MiaFoxUK

    Cam Model

    Oct 22, 2015
    My little doggo was hit by a van a few weeks ago, ive not been able to work since as he has needed pretty much 24/7 care. Im getting back on MFC this week though :)

    Throughout all of June im doing a custom vid raffle for just 55tk per entry, enter as many times as you like! Its been a very difficult month both financially and emotionally. So if you can't help me by buying tickets then please pop by and say Hi!


    Im trying not to be a debbie downer as Im generally a very happy and upbeat person! But after the problems us non US gals have had getting paid, and now this, its just tiring y'know. Im bored of admin and serious conversations. I need me some fun, smiles and laughter!

    Custom vid can be ANY theme within MFC rules, I dip my toe in many waters! fetish, kink, gfe, absolute filth haha! My MV is here https://www.manyvids.com/Profile/609074/Mia_Fox/ if you wanna see what i've already done. But honestly, dont worry if ive not done your fetish before, researching and exploring new things is one of my biggest turn ons :p
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