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didnt recieve my payment, chaturbate support confirmed that they sent out a payment too.

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Sep 12, 2022
@punker barbie

ticket number [20346769]

hey guys, i just wanted to ask for help because i have an issue. I transferred my tokens on the 15th of September, chaturbate sent out an email confirming that they sent out the wire transfer of 1250$ and should arrive by the 20th, its now the 23rd. (i checked and confirmed that the banking info is correct). i have attached the first confirmation of payment email i received from them,

I emailed them again this morning and they replied that they returned the payment. i didnt receive the tokens back in my account. i asked why they returned the payment, no response. i triple checked the banking info, and its correct. i have received payments from them in the past with no issues.

can anyone help me out with this? i have no idea whats happened.


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