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Aug 27, 2016
Below I will detail out how to go straight to the source (Google), and submit an easy form to get it down.

I have just been given this from a member of #GirlsOfTwitter promoter group I am a part of. It was so random, and it was like eye opening - because I have searched many times for Google take down stuff but it was just not showing up and apparently it's a less known tactic because Google usually - in a non-camming environment, denies takedown notices. The one advantage all cam girls have and Pornstars is you can easily label "Identify and describe the copyrighted work: *" part of the DMCA as Revenge Porn.

Reminder, this will not remove the actual content from the infringing websites, but it will remove it from Google so that you can allow all your positive ranking sites (Like Twitter, IG, etc etc) to rank higher. My suggestion is after doing this, sign up across some strong domain authority sites like,, LinkedIn, etc etc - even if you are not active on them, setting them up and attaching your profile picture to these sites etc will rank high within 7-10 days, thus driving any negative content down in Google results.

With that being said, another relieving aspect of this is that most people don't search past the first 3 pages, so once you have enough quality content ranking from big sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, SlideShare, Flickr, etc etc. you will see. Even is a good ranking site, I will list a bunch of them - and once again, you don't have to be active on them outside of the first few days, post a few pics on each website and let it sit.

Now you have to think like a perv and search not just your keyword (model name) but things after it too. This site, SERPs, is linked with google and allows you to search for the first 100 sites ranking on a specific keyword. So after clearing up the first pages of google with your original keyword, go outside of it and do a search on SERPs for "____model name here___ Video", then one for "____model name here___ sex" , then "____model name here___ download" etc etc. Think like these ASSHOLE PIRATING PERV's and how they would search. Ok, moving forward.

SERPs Website:

This is what you should use instead of just using your browser, because your browser may not give up to date results when Google removes the pages unless you clear your web browser history daily, etc. Only fill in the keyword, don't mess with the other settings on SERPs before hitting enter as they are already set by default to grab the links according to the overall world - not just your country/area.

Now, I use chrome but you can manually copy and paste the links if you want, or you can use a Chrome Add-On Extension called "Cool SEO Tool" which is in the Google Play Store.

Next, be sure when filling out the DMCA stuff below that you use a SEPERATE E-Mail than anything else you use, literally make it something different. And when you file it first, don't put your REAL NAME or even your MODEL NAME in the First Name / Last Name section, just put a made up one, with a made up address far away from you. Google a far city and then Subway, and put the address to a Subway - being that this is revenge porn, you will NEVER be denied a DMCA from Google for any reason, so don't worry.

Google DMCA Link:

Now keep in mind it will take 7-10 to have them entirely out of results, but you will know within the first hour if your DMCA is approved. Make sure there is an actual video on the link you are putting in the DMCA form, not just a porn landing page with all kinds of irrelevant videos, Google will deny it as it's not specific to a video/picture/etc.

Fill out the form accordingly, and when you get to the part where it says "Identify and describe the copyrighted work: *" (The first box after putting FAKE PERSONAL DETAILS) just put this message in the box:

The infringing videos & video thumbnail images at the URL's below are from a private storage website I used that I only allowed people close to me & intimate with, see these. This is revenge porn, and the situation has caused me to lose faith in humanity and a substantial amount of frustration, anxiety, and depression because of all this nonsense people are trying to do to me. PLEASE HELP ME! Thank you!

This is GUARANTEED to get the content removed from Google search results. Since finding out about this, the attached screenshot will show you how many I've done in a short period of time. I WISH I had this for my friends that are cam girls WAY BACK.

[site name banned*9] is a SERIAL PIRATE in the cam community, so check there. Now if your video is on a website like, RedTube, XVideos, XNXX - then you can easily and have to go to their site and just email them the standard DMCA, they will remove it - Google knows they comply, so they don't accept DMCA through their system for these sites as they have an agreement in place of some sort so they don't want people circumventing the law just for convenience reasons (Being able to just throw a bunch of links into Google DMCA Dashboard instead of going and taking a minute to email those "Reputable" Porn sites.

In the next box, I just put the same website always because it's a private website where cam girls can host their videos free and secure (NikiSkyler promoted it)

The website is:

No need to even sign up for an account there, just use it.

Now in the last box, you can just drop all the links that pertain to your stolen content. I even went as far as Google DMCA'ing the image links for thumbnails, which you would have to go to your actual browser, type the specific keyword and go to the images tab, then right click on any images that are yours and "Copy Link Address" and then past into the other tab you have open for Google's DMCA Dashboard.

That pretty much sums it up, once filed you can refresh your Google DMCA Dashboard main page, and it will be updated usually fast within the hour or two.

Good luck girls, DMCA the FUCK OUT OF THESE ASSHOLES and take back your lost revenue! I hope this helps because I know it did me. If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to reply or message me - I will be glad to assist you no problem. Cheers! ;D

PS- Keep in mind even I am not perfect, the "rejected URL's" tab with a few here in there from my screenshot are just duplicates I put or landing pages that didn't have exact content.
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