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DMCA Removal Site that I love... and one that I don't...

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Cam Model
Oct 14, 2018
Hi models!

Saying hi first and foremost and telling you again how great this forum is for myself (a model) especially during these (unbelievably) nutso times.

I want to recommend a DMCA removal site that I finally like. It's called Rulta. I did a free trial after they advertised to me on Twitter (its free so why the HELL not). I was already hating my previous removal site so I thought, please please impress me. Anyway, the free trial ended and I've been with them for a month and I really really like them. Here's why:

-incredibly fast response time on several platforms (they have a live chat & answer on Twitter almost instantly)
-send daily reports (versus my last one sent me only weekly reports)
-its actually working & they assure me that my Google images will be taken down (please god be right)
-so much cheaper than my last DMCA removal site. SO MUCH CHEAPER in that I'm incredibly mad I used the other site at all. WHAT A RIP OFF.

Anyway, so far so good. I'm doing the mid range plan (not sure of the name but its $99 a month) and I wanted to share because I was struggling so hard with my other service. They almost never answered my emails, treated me like I was nothing (and I was paying them SO. MUCH. MONEY), and I felt my Google images from camming were staying exactly the same. I'm really hesitant to say the name of the site (considering those horror stories of people "slandering" businesses and getting sued) so if you want to DM me and ask the name, I'd be happy to provide it.

This isn't a sponsored post or anything, I was literally about to write it and thought "is there a referral program for Rulta? that would be nice..." and there is! So if you're interested in trying it/buying it, feel free to use my referral code here in which you get 20% off your first order and then I get a bonus, as well! So that's fun... and I thought maybe someone could use my link to buy their membership, then that person can post their link and someone can use that link and so on and so forth so we all get THA MONAYYZ.

My referral link is here:

Feel free to use, or not.

Anyway, happy to be contacted for further info! Good reviews are important, and I know how hard it is having videos and images of you floating about online and thinking some days "please god tell me no one I know ever sees those!". Obviously they can't take down all images/videos (refer to other threads when it comes to that) but it does help, and for me, it was necessary.

Have a lovely and safe day.

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Aug 28, 2020
I think I've used that site that you don't like. I'm actually not really happy with them too. I mean they've deleted something but they haven't deleted many links that I reported them myself. I'm even thinking they are doing it so slowly to basically take time to make me prolong my subscription. Anyway, I'm thinking to try Rulta now. Have you seen differences between Rulta and another removal site? Does Rulta remove less content or is it the same? It's just that many people say that another site has the biggest opportunities to remove content in the industry. Thank you for sharing and sorry for my English, that's my second language.
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