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Do you like/prefer/want a model to greet you when you enter their room?

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Jul 11, 2021
Nunya Village
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So after spending sometime on SM I've started greeting people who pop into my room, especially if they have an amusing username that I can riff off of to make a good ice breaker. Otherwise I just get people asking me how I'm doing and making painful small talk over and over.

On CB though I still refuse to talk to anyone unless they talk to me first.


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Oct 6, 2020
I greet everyone when I see my room filling up when I first log in. I’ll say something like welcome if your new and welcome back to my fans. I’ll do a similar general greeting periodically as I see my room fill up more. I’ll also greet those specifically who greet me first (most of the time) sometimes I’m in the middle of a performance and I’ll give a smile and hope they understand. And then i greet fanclub members and mods because I get an announcement every time they enter the room.
Nov 6, 2021
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Not a model but i am a mod in a few places and there is another option. In a couple of the rooms I mod the model gets overwhelmed with the entrance and exit notices so we do it a little differently. I welcome everyone that knows us and any i recognize as good tippers from other rooms. The model joins in quickly with a hello especially for the regulars. It works well and we have a group of regulars that's growing. (She has her settings as notify on fanclub/mod only). Obviously this will not work for a "Mod for the day" kind of room but if you have a regular mod it seems to work well and the regulars seem to like it.