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Epayments Fraud Not paying

Discussion in 'Ask-a-Model!' started by whathappen, May 17, 2018 at 6:07 AM.

  1. whathappen

    Apr 11, 2018
    Hi everyone.
    I have been trying to get paid from epayments to my bank account for 17 days now. Money is there but when i try do a payment to my bank account all i get is issues! it takes them 3 days to reply to messages! and the staff are useless as if they are all incompetent! They ask for additional documents, yet the account is already approved and funds loaded into the account. They do not work on weekends so for 1 single payment it takes well 17 days!!! and still have not been paid! They then refused to do my payment and the money is credited back into the account however since i now have been doing more research about epayments there are people that have been waiting 2 years to get there money out of epayments. And on their facebook page over 53 people have rated them 1 star with reviews of never been paid.

    I strongly believe that anyone considering being paid from epayments to reconsider! rather use a different payment company. I have lost $4200 and with no light at the end of the tunnel i think ill never see a single cent in my account from epayments

    As a bank to do manual payments as they have stated to me is a complete joke! it should all be automated. i mean you a bank and we living in the year 2018!!! why on earth must a person have to do my payments! this should be done by me not their staff!! that means they control my money and how i spend it! its a complete joke! If i use my internet banking i dont have to have an employee of the bank release the funds! i do it!

    Anyways guys/ladies/models and staff of all websites please reconsider another payment option as this is not good business dealing with epayments.

    Thanks for allowing this post and lets hope and pray we all get paid from this company "epayments"
  2. dashaM

  3. Dan Epstein

    Dan Epstein firstchoicepay.com (previously Payoneer)
    Industry Representative It's my birthday!

    Nov 7, 2016
    Hi, I'm no position to preach, however I wish to give some positive help. Are you asking about a delayed global bank transfer?
  4. Natural_Pussy

    Cam Model

    Jul 15, 2017
    i do not know why for you is that but i get paid fine by ePayments.
    took 3 bussines days and i had the money in account.
    by the way the account should be on your name to be able to recive funds and to not be questioned about is and required new documents.

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