EU law could hurt cam sites

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May 8, 2012
The EU has voted in favor a proposal called the Copyright Directive. If this legislation is voted into law, Article 13 of the directive would make hosting providers liable for the content distributed through their systems.

On one side, this law could help performers DCMA.

On the other side, CB, MFC, Cam4, extra, could be held liable and suede for damaged for any and all Copyright violations that happen on their websites.If you think CB is copyright happy, it could get much more draconian.

Youtube has suggest that such a law might force them into a more cable TV role. Where they favor less risky big tv networks over Individual Content Creators. The equivalent in the cam world would be cam sites favoring studios over independent models.

Article 11, target linking, so just linking to copyright infringement could make a website liable. Which could result in cam sites not even allowing you to post links of any kind.

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