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European studio new girls

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Feb 1, 2021
Hi. Being a user on CB/ Stream mate I often find newer performers more friendly and less in your face. I like the girl next door feel.

I was talking to a European girl who had took the job but didn't want to show anything at all on CB. She seemed to suggest that she would be quitting too. And that the studio was not 100% honest about what her work would be.

Do the studios not tell girls what to expect?
I'm guessing that it could be just the job isn't for them but it feels a bit wrong also.
Jun 4, 2021
It depends on the studio to be honest.
I know one lady told me it was just advertised as chatting on camera but when she went for interview they explained to her more clearly what type of sites she would be broadcasting on, but there was it was up to her what she does or dont do. But again that was one of the better studios from what I've heard. I think what's most common is not telling girls that footage of them is likely to be uploaded elsewhere by cunts.

I do know of one studio that was harassing girls to show more.
and some girls I know left one studio to go to another because their former one (let's just say the company isnt very imaginative when it comes to naming their models) was deceiving them in regards to income and had very strict rules (not allowed to go to bathroom until u reach certain amount of tokens or face a penalty fine), heck they froze their accounts when they gave their notice so they couldnt access their remaining income.

With eastern europe you must remember that working class income is very much shit hence why there's so many models from that part of the world. If a model only makes $25 over 8 hours then she's still doing much better then if she got a waitress job.

Sometimes if I see a new girl who looks clueless or overwhelmed I'll enter the room and send a tipnote telling them to only do what they r ok with doing as it's not worth the extra tokens doing something more if they feel like shit afterwards.

Most of the girls I've followed on cb have come from eastern europe and I've met girls who hate being here and I've met girls who treat it like a hobby that they're getting paid to do (one was apparently already exposing herself elsewhere before she realized she could make money doing it).

I think the most common answer I've gotten about being a webcam model is that no they wouldnt be doing this job if lower wage jobs paid better in their part of the world but on the other hand they wouldnt be doing this job if they didnt enjoy webcamming.
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Jul 14, 2019
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One model told me she applied for a job as “online consultant”.

She had no further information, and she did not even expect the job would require her to show her face. She was quite happy when she was invited for an interview, as the company was near to her home. She liked the place, the atmosphere, the kitchen, and she very much liked the agent who talked to her about the job. Everything looked good for her, and she already saw herself working there as an online consultant. Still she had no clue that being visible would be a main aspect of work.

Then she was irritated when the agent told her she would work with a webcam, visible to visitors. She never thought about working on camera. Yet, during the interview she liked everything else, and she did not want to drop the hope that this job would be as nice as the imagined in the first place. So, she agreed trying it, and she stayed.


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Oct 31, 2016
Such studios exist. I used to work in one. I was actually applying to be a hostess but on the first day the recruiter (a girl not much older than me) told me, that they have no free slots right now but they have an alternative, which is "paid chat". I would just have to talk to "rich guys" on a site which is a mix of facebook and tinder and would get paid for it. No word about anything more.

I believed it, first day on cam came (myfreecams). I was warned there are "some users" on the site who are perverts and want more than just talk but I should just ban these. So I did. However it only took some hours to realize everything I was told was a lie. I stayed for a month (no salary), then left.

My room was full of helpers and white knights and most of these guys were in the rooms of other girls from my studio too. I told them to stop doing what they're doing, girls are not stupid, they can leave and these guys are just helping the studio, not us but it was just pointless. Many girls left unpaid.
Jun 4, 2021
Now to be honest this is what I rather cb be doing (or if they r doing it it dont look like they r) is to look into the studios, investigate to see if the models are being treated right rather then banning girls because some people file reports against the models.

I would want cb to ban studios that have a bad reputation. I call bulshit on them not being able to find out how girls r treated. I mean many girls leave to work from home (this way they dont have to share their income with studio also it's better for mental health it seems) and many are honest about how they were treated.
I really dont think that's being white knight to feel this way, I think that's being a human being who feels people he knows need to be treated with more fucking respect!

This is a explotation business but it should be up to the broadcaster how they exploit themselves.

I know legally studios cant advertise that they're adult webcam but they should be open and honest to the girls when they get there. But ofc if let's say russia its illegal to webcam u got to ask yourself what kind of owners these people r that run illegal business.
Fucking immoral bastards.
Apr 14, 2016

Read this Telegram channel if you want to get an idea how Eastern Europe studio's or agencies work

The first line of the first post is "We are a studio , which hires and trains the web-model without sex "

FIrst, not an studio, but just an agency, for one specific cam site,

Second, yeah, there are 2 non-sex categories on that site, but almost no model can make the targets there, so they or quit or move to the sex categories.
For the first time I got into a webcam business on an ad from the Internet - girls were required to chat in English. Something like a chat operator. Before go I sent a request to Google and the search engine gave me screenshots with cam sites. I didn't know anything about it then, I just realized that the correspondence may not be entirely simple. When I came for an interview, they hinted to me that this was a flirting chat and immediately said that without intimacy. The studio really was non adult, with only some elements of eroticism. The girls danced, teased, sometimes showed their breasts, had erotic conversations, posed, did some fetish shows. Some made good money, some just a penny.
But the problem of this studio was different - they often put girls on someone else's account, For example, one girl quit and a new girl who had not yet been registered could be put on her account. Previously, the registration process was simpler and the documents could be used to create other accounts that the model did not even know about. There were many fines, for example, for being 10 minutes late, they could be fined $ 50.
The chat was completely controlled, the percentage of payments was negligible, the equipment was really bad there was no interior and the girls were sitting several people in a room, each at a separate computer. I stayed there for a couple of months thanks to the fact that the members piqued my interest! This was the case when the show was not shown by me - the show was shown to me!
I was research more about cam business found a couple of forums about it, looked at all the sites and left the studio (they did not even allow me to equip my workplace on my own).
I opened an account and started working on my own, but I had problems with the Internet, equipment, settings, there were many questions that were difficult for me to solve myself (or maybe I was a little lazy).
After a while, I began to cooperate with another studio, fortunately everything was of the highest order there, we are cooperating to this day. It was a good choice.
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