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Experimental initiative: interviews with cam models on Steemit

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Hello, beautiful (and everyone who don't indentify as beautiful) people. I am someone who occassionally loves writing, and it has so happened that one of the side gigs I do is affiliate marketing. With that said, I have decided to conduct an experiment of sorts. I have a file with 30 or so questions for cam models, which is to say I am looking for models that would be interested in an interview. The interview would be published on, and is intended to be about a particular cam model and their experiences online and offline. The interviewee doesn't have to write answers to all the questions, however the minimum of answered questions I set to 12, which are chosen by the model form the whole list of questions. I'd like to reserve the right to ask some additional questions after the file is sent back to me the first time if I'd think it could help with the interview being less generic, and questions would add to it a more personal feel.
A small downside to this is that I won't be sharing links to the interview on social media sites, and hence don't promise any such advertisement perks, however, in my mind, it could work well if the links are shared by yourself on any of your web accounts because that could be a great way for your fans and visitors to get to know you better.
I intend to use my affiliate links in case you are someone who's camming on SkyPrivate, Chaturbate or MFC, however I don't want this to be a deal breaker therefore, if you insist on your own affiliate links to be used, that's fine. Most of all, I want this to be a win-win situation for everyone therefore any suggestions and ideas are welcome. My contact email is deviltasmania33[at] Please, include the links to your profile, or profiles when contacting me. Thank you.
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Some things to add to the original post:
1. This should go without saying, but anyways: don't contact me if you're not legally adult.
2. I may not reply instantly; please give me 48 hours.
3. I will only reply to messages and emails where it is clear that those had been sent by genuine, working cam model; so please be sure to include a link, or links which make that evident.
4. I have no interest in knowing your real name, or any other such personal details; so please, if that is your concern, put it aside.
Thank you.
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