ExtraLunchMoney Admins Screwing Me Over

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I seriously can't take this anymore. I'm about to go balistic and have a mental break down. Why do over 50% of adult websites have to be run so poorly with admins that just don't give a sht.

The back story.

ExtraLunchMoney has a rule that if a buyer doesn't complete the escrow when a model turns in the request, the model has 3 days before he/she can self complete it.

Rarely would a customer complain of their content once I uploaded it and when it was a mistake on my part I would re-film it for them. For complaints from customers where I fulfilled their escrow request to a "T," I would message the admins with as much proof as I could to show that I had fulfilled the request 100% with things like PC recordings, screenshots, etc, and their advice to me was always to wait out the 3 day period and self complete the escrow. However, it was always a 50/50 gamble whether the admins would admin complete the escrow (I got payed), or admin close out the escrow (the customer got refunded and I didn't get payed). Knowing I did everything that was asked of me for the escrows that got admin closed out, I sent a message to admins asking why and I never got a response. This happened at least twice. In one instance I can remember the request was to give a POV dirty talk with eye contact using the customers name. In the video you can blatantly see I am looking directly into the camera lens and this was a frontal face close up view. The complaint was I was I was not giving eye contact. I showed in video proof that I was definitely giving eye contact the entire length of the video. The escrow was admin closed out and when I asked why I was never given a response.


I got an escrow over a week ago to make a "Vagina Smoothie" and the only direction was to google what it was if I didn't know and to make it and drink it at the end of the video. So I did exactly that because I had no idea what he wanted from me. The google search list gave smoothie recipes for your vagina, so I picked one and in the video I film myself making it and I drink it at the end. 100% what was requested, right? Well, 2 days after submitting the video, the customer sens me a link stating that's what he wanted instead. He never put this link in the escrow. Now, I knew if I brought this up with admins I would be in a 50/50 gamble of getting payed for this video and from my experience, when I reply to these customers complaints with the truth, they only get angry and contact admins. So, I waited until the 3 day period was over to self complete it before explaining to him that that link was not what he originally requested and I filmed for him exactly what was requested. However, the 3 day mark was yesterday and I didn't have the option to self complete the escrow. I was confused, but decided to wait a day to see if it would come up. I logged into ELM today to find that the admins had closed out the escrow. I didn't get notified, it just happened, and that's just how the admins on ELM work.

At this point, I don't know what to do... I've lost earnings on 3 sites in less than a week... and I can't exactly up and leave ELM as it currently stands for over 50% of my monthly earnings. But, this with the admins on ELM has been going on since the very first escrow I was given on my first day which was also admin closed out for bs reasons.

I'm so exhausted being in the adult community right now... being hit over and over like this and having absolutely no control over these situations is extremely depressing and I don't know what to do at this point..


So, ELM won't give me a reason as to why the closed out the escrow other than "We closed it out on our terms." And when I suggested taking legal actions against their company, they threatened to close out my account... This is how 50% of adult websites operate. This right here.