Free video editor for Windows 2018?

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Jul 12, 2017
Cloud 9, USA
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I recorded a video on my Logitech webcam and there are parts i want to clip out of it. It would be great if I could add in parts too... I used to use Windows Movie Maker in the past, but apparently Windows 10 laptops don't come with Microsoft Essentials such as Windows Movie Maker, as of 2017. Apparently its not compatible for download either! Is there a new program that functions the same?
I want something similar to Movie Maker, that is free and intuitive to use. I'm not the worst at technical stuff but not a pro either, and want to make simple edits for now. Once I get the hang of making videos, selling, and editing them I would consider paying a little bit for a program.
Thanks! Sorry if there was a similar thread. I looked around for about 20 mins and couldn't find anything about a free video editor for Windows 10.
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