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Fresh Ideas for Roll-the-Dice Prizes

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Aug 1, 2017
The Moon
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The app is fun but the prizes are over done. You can only rub ice on your nipples so many times. Care to add something unique and fun to the list?

- squats
- pinch nipples
- spankings
- name on body
- call mom
- lovense blast
- hitachi
- twerk
- oil
- handjob
- dildo bj
- shoe or sock change
- sexy dancing...
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Mar 4, 2017
Mine aren't that orginal but I do

Flash boob
Boob play
Take dress/top off for 5mins
Attempt dt on dlido

plus some of the ones you've already mentioned. I sometimes add creative things like hand puppets but sometimes it breaks the flow of the room.
I don't understand the call mom one?

Mine aren't original at all, but some that I have that you didn't include are tit/ass/pussy flash, flash of your choice, a couple emailed pics (not custom pics-pics I already have on my computer), song request, lotion body part, tell a funny or dirty joke, no talking allowed for a certain amount of time, take a drink/shot.

I don't know how much you charge for rolling the dice, but oil might be too good of a prize for that. I have my dice rolls cheap (25-50 tokens), and I wouldn't want to oil my body for that cheap. Oil shows are messy and a pain in the ass to clean up afterwards, so I save them for if I make a countdown.
Aug 23, 2016
Some silly ones:
-Muscle flex
-Celebrity impression
-Burp the tipper's name
-Armpit fart
-Dildo juggling

Some more serious ones:
-Change hairstyle(the shoe/sock change is a good one)
-Seductively enjoy a piece of fruit
-Nipple tassel spin
-Upskirt tease

Maybe you could do tiered prizes? Tier one has simpler teases, but the game being played a certain number of times unlocks the next tier that has sexier prizes. This could give more incentive to get the game going.


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Jul 8, 2017
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I wonder if it's fair to throw in a couple prizes that you just really enjoy. Like, watching you eat a small piece of chocolate may not be the sexiest thing ever, but if it's an elusive prize and you really wanted that fucking chocolate, maybe your happiness about getting it would be sufficiently entertaining. (Sadly, there's probably nothing attractive about a woman eating a Swedish Fish, but slowly, playfully enjoying a sour gummy worm might be interesting... :shame:)
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