Friend of legal age banned for age verification reasons

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Jul 13, 2019
Hi, ACF. I was hoping my first post would be different, but here I am asking for help (or at least an explanation) for one of my friends.

Around 8 days ago, one of my friends created a new account, verified it (she's not new on CB, she just wanted to start from scratch) and started streaming.
A few hours into the stream, out of the blue, her account was banned for 'age verification' issues.
I know she submitted proper verification because it was not her first time.
She's aware of the rules, since she has been (successfully) streaming for more than a few months on her old account.
She, of course, mailed support a couple of times, starting 7 days ago, but got no response so far.

We would really appreciate some feedback (support could mail her directly) about what exactly is the issue here.
She tried creating another account (second one below), which got banned almost instantly.

get_drunk_with_me (first one to be banned)
beer_and_striptease (second attempt)

CC @punker barbie
Thank you for reading.
Edit: I'm creating this thread myself because she finally fell asleep after sobbing all day and only now I had the time to research alternative methods to get in touch with CB since support seems to ignore her.
Jul 13, 2019
Hello ACF. I would really appreciate if you're going to help me with this problem because I don't really know what to do anymore. Chaturbate is the only website I am working with and the only source of money I had.
It happened on the account 'get_drunk_with_me' , I've been banned directly without an explanation. I tried to create a new account 'beer_and_striptease ' but again banned because they will not approve my ID and that I am underage which is not true because I am 21 years old and as my friend says it is not the first time broadcasting there. The time passed, over 7 days abd no response. That's why I worked on my old account 'what_does_the_fox_says ' for 4 days then got banned again. I sent a mail with images of my ID and date, username on paper and me holding it. I am pretty sure they won't answer at my mails anymore.
Usernames that I own and hope to be unbanned:
1. what_does_the_fox_says



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Jul 25, 2014
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She needs to contact not you since she is the legal name on the account. I don't think PB will do much since someone not associated with her account is contacting on her behalf. There is some privacy concerns there.
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Jul 13, 2019
Thank you, AudriTwo, I saw that rule after I created the thread ...
Meanwhile she woke up, so I guess we can nuke this thread and let her handle it in a different one.
My apologies for the noise.