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Games, Toys, Lighting and decors, inspiration for your camroom

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Jan 20, 2021
I searched the internet, and this forum and gathered some ideas for the camroom. It is focussed mainly on new starter models and I hope it can be an inspiration for new ways to enhance your show. I also hope that more experienced models will put down some ideas too so this thread can grow as a kind of knowledge base for starters and professionals.
I divided my information in 4 categories: games, toys, lighting and decors, feel free to add more categories if you like so.


the classics:
  • Roll the Dies
  • Wheel of fortune
  • Bingo
  • The Lucky Number
  • Balloon games
  • Playing Cards
  • Tip Raffles
  • Strip Jenga

more advanced:
  • Roll the Dies with real dies, big dies
  • Strip hangman
  • Dress me up
  • Dress me out
  • Wheel of Fasion
  • Wheel of color combined with balloons
  • Drinking games
  • Tarotscards
  • Body painting

some links to games (and other stuff):


This list is far from complete, I know there are lots of other toys, but it's just a summarizing of the most important for camming.
  • Lovense
  • Kiiroo
  • OhMibod Esca
  • OhMibod Fuse
  • Onyx2: interactive Male Masturbation Sleeve
  • Pearl2
  • and of course all the kind of dildo's you can find
  • Fuckmachines

some sites where you can find information:


here are some ideas about lighting, below you can find tips for lighting on different websites.
  • discolights
  • laser light reacting on your music
  • lightsabers
  • ledstrips
  • custom neonlight (with your name, or other words)
  • UV lights - reveals hidden texts in your room when put on
  • Voice activated light
  • Glitter lights
  • Stroboscope lights

the links:
and of course take a look at IKEA sites, many forms of lighting.


although, decors are also linked with games you play, or toys you use, I thought it could also be a different kind of setting that let you do things out of the ordinary. Here are some ideas about decors:
  • A pottery, making your pots online
  • Arabian nights
  • BDSM like setups
  • Schoolgirl setup
  • The Changing room
  • The Shadow room
  • The bath/shower
  • Cooking in the kitchen
  • Painting your room
  • The Yoga stand

and some sites:

And here are some Xtra sites for people who like to read:

So please feel free to share your own information and let this be an inspiration for all of us. Thank you.
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