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Help, Please! MFC Admin. "Payment Info Error" Message.

Discussion in 'General Cam Chat' started by MadiSin_Moon, Aug 29, 2012.

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  1. MadiSin_Moon

    MadiSin_Moon Cool Beans

    Aug 17, 2012
    So last night I went through my profile to make sure that everything was in order before I started working today. I noticed in the "payment information" (where you post your address, bank info, etc..) that that two numbers in my social security number were superimposed. (For example, instead of it saying 123-45-6789 it said 213-45-6789) So naturally I went to make the correction, and saved the new SS#.

    Well, I woke up this morning and had in my email a message that read "Payment Info Error" and it went on to tell me that they were declining to add my new (and correct) social security email. I wrote admin and pointed out that my social security number is the same as it is on my state ID I have on file with them. I got yet ANOTHER reply stating that they already have a model with that social security number on file so that it couldn't be possibly be mine. WTF??? I checked to make sure they had properly deleted my old MFC profile from last year and they definitely had.

    So... they are claiming that another model has the SAME social security number? This sounds fishy to me. I can still log into my model admin, but they are keeping the messed up SS# on file, so I am totally freaked out about working and possibly not getting paid for my work because I'll be accused of fraud or something. I went to SS office today and ordered a replacement card so I can email a scan of it to MFC but I don't know what to do until then and it could take a couple weeks to get one. I guess I'm trying to ask... do you gals know of someone on the staff in particular that can help me with this sort of issue? And if y'all were in my position, would you just work anyway with the wrong SS# in there until you could provide proof? I mean, I guess it's mostly for tax purposes anyhow. And would you be worried that there is actually another model who accidentally typed in the wrong SS#?

    I don't understand why they won't just look into further for me. :(
  2. Nordling

    Nordling All your thread are belong to me.
    V.I.P. Member

    May 17, 2011
    Both. That someone is using your SS number and also, if they're using a number that isn't yours, that means that your retirement benefits and other SS stuff will be all screwed up, and may cause you a nightmare later trying to get it all unwound. lol I know that's a long way off, but still.
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  3. LadyLuna

    LadyLuna All your thread are belong to me.
    Cam Girl

    Mar 8, 2010
    I would send them an email making sure that the "other model" isn't the closed account.
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  4. nzhere

    nzhere OMGWTFBBQ!?!

    Sep 6, 2010
    Yeah explain it to them as the so called "deleted" account are still in MFC's system. Hence they can restore or reactive accounts.

    At worst they will restore your old account and tell you to use it??
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  5. MadiSin_Moon

    MadiSin_Moon Cool Beans

    Aug 17, 2012
    Yeah, I told them about my old account and they said that it was a current model. They have said they will fix it once I send them a scan of my social security card.
  6. gigolo_joe

    gigolo_joe Cool Beans

    Jul 25, 2012
    I don't think I would be worried about working while this is sorted out. Just hang on to your correspondence with MFC to prove that you took steps to correct the error when you became aware of it. Since you are not an employee of MFC your earnings are reported on a form 1099 MISC at the end of the year to you, the IRS & Social Security Administration. What I would be more concerned about is MFC reporting your correct earnings so I would keep my own record of what I earned and compare to the amount on the form 1099. I believe you have a tab also that's keeps this info also. You definitely need to stay on top of this and make sure it is straighten out by Dec 31.

    If I thought someone was using my social security # I would be worried but I suspect that is a clerical error also. You may want to look into getting a free credit report from one the credit bureaus.
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