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Help please, my username is sammara_stone_

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Nov 4, 2021
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Hello, @AmberCutie I hope you are well
I want to tell my particular case.
On October 28, I was broadcasting normally in my room, and in turn a user told me that he could not send me tips, which seemed strange to me. During those minutes I noticed that my room began to have many users, but they were issuers ... I did not know what that meant, so I activated the platform and immediately afterwards, I was asked to verify my identity, it asked me to upload documents to verify my identity. I agreed, uploaded my documents.
I continued broadcasting the following days. and on October 31, the closing day of the fortnight, I was going to convert my fortnightly tokens, as I used to do, I convert all the fortnight ends but not every day, and I never had problems ... I tried to convert my 48,866 tokens of my fortnight and immediately a notice came out `` unable to cashout ''
I wrote to support multiple times, and have gotten the same answer multiple times. They say that I am permanently banned from the platform, the strange thing is that I can access and connect, receive tips, but I cannot withdraw them ... it is very frustrating, I have been a model with the sammara_stone_ account for almost 3 years and I have more than 80 k followers. I have not consciously violated any rule and I would love someone human to help me ... I want to know what I did wrong, I want to make amends, chaturbate is all I have and thanks to chaturbate I have achieved many things and I would love to be able to continue broadcasting in my account with normalcy ... I'm afraid to be online and risk losing more tokens ... please from my heart I ask for your help
@punker barbie
Thank you for your time, I would be grateful for life if you can help me
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