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Help with unexplained account ban - Ticket 17819566

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Aug 6, 2021

I've tried every method I can think of to resolve an ongoing problem with Chaturbate Support, so I ask for advice as a representative of this studio. Our studio account was banned months ago, frozen along with the money many of our models earned. Their accounts were either banned or placed on protective suspension status. One of the banned models linked to our studio is "_bunnysex_".

As of this date, no clear and concise explanation has been provided by the Chaturbate Support team and our emails are blacklisted to them, as they state the ban is permanent.

Our account was affiliated with a few model accounts that were previously linked with another studio that violated certain aspects and terms of local laws, which occurred in early Spring. I suspect that action led to the suspension of this studio account.

The individual model accounts and this studio account were not implicated in the previous action taken against the former studio, nor is there any current affiliation with the members of that studio implicated in the investigation.

The current account for this studio is in full compliance with local laws applicable and therefore, should be able to operate fully as many other studios do in our region, without naming names. You can literally go on the site right now and see other models broadcasting, so that rule doesn't have any meaning if that is the reason for the ban.

The very least of what I am asking for is that the studio account be accessible to obtain the credits that the models earned for their last pay period so they can be rightfully compensated for the work they performed.

Thank you for reading and I hope anyone can give advice, but better to have a Chaturbate Support Team representative reach out to me directly.
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