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I fell in love with a man I met online but found out that he was still married.

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Jan 17, 2019
I am not sure if this is the right thread to post this but I just really want to hear your opinions about the situation I am currently in... since we are all cam models then I guess no one will understand me better than you guys.

Okay here is the story:

I have met this guy online through a friend, he was a customer of them in one of these cam sites then eventually a lot of them started playing with him for money. I tried it as well. But yeah for some reason we ended up being "lovers" online though I and he know that we weren't really that serious about each other like I said just playing around - I wanted his money that's all. But years passed by and we get to know each other a lot. It's been 4 years and I never heard anyone talk about him for 2 years. He started opening or talked about his life with me. We talk almost everyday. He cam me even when he is at work. So we talked a lot of time. I often get angry at him and get jealous whenever he don't reply or whatever. Then he always try his best to contact me and explain asking me why I give up so easily, telling me how much he loves me. Saying he is in love with me etc.

So basically what he said about him is that; he is divorced and have two adult kids and have grandchildren. He showed their pics to me etc and like he said he said that he is divorced. I didn't want to ask much about his life so I rarely asked about his wife. Though he said that they remain friends with each other. But they haven't sleep together or had sex for years. But he have a ring on his left ring finger so I asked him about it he said that he just wore if because he got used to having ring on it.
Last year something changed in his schedule though. Back then whenever he's home he always stay on cam with me but last year he can no longer cam with me when he's home, he always say that his son is with him or his granddaughter.

After 4 years... I started to like him. Now he said that he wanted to meet me in person and marry me. He wouldn't be able to stay with me though because he eventually have to return to his country but he will keep visiting whenever he can. He says that he wanted to share his life with me etc.

His project ended last month and he went home and became busy but we still talk a lot. He still talk about how much he can't wait to see me but it will still be a month before. But I got so impatient and got angry at him a lot of times. I got so angry and broke up with him and it was a bad argument (mostly on my part) I ended up insulting him and blocked him before breaking up with him. He texted me that it was such a low blow and that it seems that he cannot do anything right to make me happy.

We didn't talk for days but then I started to miss him and decided to talk. But he took so long to reply so it made me even more angry. Anyways I started asking him about us.
He said that he is in love with me. He wanted to be with me. But needed time to think about it all. I asked if it's about whether he still want to continue talking to me or meeting me, he said all of them.
But now he says that he is not breaking up with me. He loves me but he is just trying to decide if my attitude is worth staying around for.

Now here is the problem.
I ended up searching for him on FB but I never found him but I found his daughter's account and his wife's account... there I found out that they weren't divorced. They still live togehter, although she just became very busy with her job. They seem like a happy family in their old pictures. She look happy in her recent pictures (and I recognize it was his house). They just celebrated their 26th anniversary 5 years ago. So now I am starting to think that...the reason why he can no longer cam me when he's at home was because his wife is also at home.

I know it is very stupid of me to fall and believe someone I met online. I didn't expect that I will like him too. But I really thought he was telling the truth. I do not know what to think of this. I was so hurt, so jealous but despite that I love him. I know this is very bad of me but I couldn't help but think "How can I beat that" seein how happy their family looks like and the time that he and his wife shared together, I cannot beat that. But why did he do that? I really thought he loved me. I really believed it and felt it. I don't know what to feel right now.


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Jan 9, 2015
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He's never going to leave his wife and he's trash.

DTMFA (Dump the mother fucker already) and find someone that's actually available.


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Apr 13, 2011
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You don't know him. You don't love him. And, if my Dad showed pictures of his grandchildren to a camgirl online who then stalked him on Facebook, I'd murder him. This sounds like GFE gone off the rails.
Sep 16, 2016
The land of Oz
I am so sorry to hear this has happened to you. I am sorry you have been part of some guys midlife crises... I know it is easy to say, especially if he has been such a major part of your life for so many years, but listen to the advice and move on...

Unfortunately this is not the first time I have heard something like this. I have heard stories of evil men who become friends with models from poor countries and then tell them how much they love them... and how they will help the girl to come and move to their country so they can be together forever.

The relationship soon ends when the man has visited the girl and they have finally been able to sleep together.

For these guys it's just some sick phantasy to be able to sleep with young women and escape from their mundane life. I don't even think they spend a minute considering the damage they are doing.

For one girl I know it ended with a baby and a very cheap engagement ring and the guy completely ghosting her.

I hope you find someone who really appreciates you and what you have to offer.
May 8, 2018
Las Vegas, NV
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I am with most of the voices here, i would leave =/.

My wife was married when I met her. I refused to get any kind of serious though till I saw she was seeking a lawyer. I then only went on one date after she set a date to see the lawyer. I went on the 2nd date after she saw the lawyer and set the paperwork into motion. I wouldn't have even talked to her, however, if she was still living with her now exwife. I was careful and calculated and very upfront about why I was doing things the way I was. My now wife did not mind me being guarded and happily did what she could to prove her sincerity.

You have to be careful and though exceptions exist, it is not on you to prove that you are the serious one given you have no real baggage. It is on him. And if it hasn't happened by now... I would peace out. Do not waste time on people who can't commit.
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