I made some free social icons for you to use!

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Hi there, I hope this is ok to post and that this is the right place to post this.
Over the past few days I have been working on a camgirl friendly social icon pack and I wanted to share it all with you. Most of the time when searching for free social icons they don't include any adult industry icons, so I decided to make my own. Are they perfect? Far from it, I'm not a pro graphic designer, but they will do the job and give you a uniform shape and style.

The pack includes 42 icons for 37 different sites & links.
The icons are circular 64x64px rendered for web with transparency PNGs. They come as a whole pack in a .zip file.

The pack includes social networks, seller sites, and link icons. These are meant to be used on your profile, bio, blog, or personal website.
Please remember to thoroughly read the rules of your site before linking to anything, do not advertise other camsites on camsites, do not use these to ask for payment outside of your site's currency, and do not use any of these services for unintended purposes. If you get in trouble, don't tell me I didn't warn you!

The pack includes:
amateur porn (2) | amazon | blogger | cash me / generic dollar sign icon | chaturbate | clips4sale | deliverycode | deviantart (2) | email | etsy | extra lunch money | facebook | fan club | fetlife (2) | flickr (2) | giftrocket | google+ | instagram | iWantClips | kinkbomb | manyvids (2) | MyFreeCams | pinterest | reddit | skype | soundcloud | streamate | telephone icon | tumblr | twitch | twitter | vimeo | vine | webcam icon | website icon | wordpress | youtube

This is a 100% free set, though it did take me some time so I wouldn't mind some credit. You can credit me at my twitter @DaisyMaxwellNet. You can insert something like
<a href=“https://twitter.com/daisymaxwellnet”>Social Icons Credit: Daisy Maxwell</a>
but I'm not about to go on a witch hunt over it, if anything I really just want to see them in action if you use them :cat: so send a tweet, screenshot, message, etc.

Download Link: https://www.projectmaenad.com/links/6896073874
Please read the text document in the folder.

Do you want to see any other sites or services added to this pack? I know I only put a small dent in the endless amount of sites out there, let me know and maybe I can throw it in.

Note: I do not personally promote or support the use of all the sites/services in this pack, they are just commonly used and sought after. Use these services at your own risk. Logos and all other trademarks are property of their respective owners. I do not claim to own any logo featured. I just made bubbles and want to help out my fellow camgirls.
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