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I need advice on a mainstream situation. Please help

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Aug 22, 2015
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Good Morning, Fellow Camgirls and Camboys of ACF.

I am here because I need advice very quickly about a mainstream porn situation. If this is the wrong section of the site to post this thread in, please let me know and I will move it to the correct one.

Anyway I was contacted about 5 weeks ago by a company on SJ or Sexyjobs in order to do some adult film work. We will just call this company "Atlas Films". I was contacted maybe 1 to 2 years ago by Atlas Films and I don't remember what happened then but we never did any business together. Atlas Films contacted me because they wanted me to do some girl on girl scenes, which I am kind of on the fence about since I am not a lesbian but I am trying to warm up to the idea of being with a woman.

I have been corresponding with these people for the last 5 weeks and its little things that they are doing that are pissing me off. Like in the first email that the guy from Atlas Films sent me, he asked me for my rate and I very simply told me that its $400 a scene. I had another email after that with him and he didn't mention approving my rate and then I had to send another email where I asked him about if he would approve my rate and he literally told me that because its a small company, he can't pay that. The man literally ignored my rate.

Another thing that is really pissing me off about this company is that the guy from Atlas films is that he refuses to talk to me on the phone about discussing business. The guy from Atlas Films wants to do a zoom interview and everytime that I mention discussing business on the phone, he completely dismisses that option. I don't really like being on zoom too much because you have to dress up and put on makeup to do it and I am literally someone who looks like a naked molerat most of the time. If you don't know what that is, please look up "rufus" from kim possible. I think it is very strange that this man cannot speak to me on a phone.

I was supposed to do a shoot with these people last month and because of the red flags, I chickened out. About 3 weeks ago, we had some correspondence and the guy from atlas films was supposed to bring me in for a day and pay me $250 for the day and communication kind of stopped for a while. I contacted him to see if we could get back on the same page and did not hear from him until 3 days ago and he's claiming that he didn't reach out to me because of the ice storm. We had an ice storm here last week that knocked out electricity to about 700,000 people and some still don't have lights.

Its just been one thing after another with Atlas films. Atlas Films shoots in my state and whereas that is good for me, its illegal. I am in the city where Eminem is from and you can't shoot porn here legally lol.

I am scared that I am going to get on a porn set with these people and they are going to screw over my pay or they are going to treat me horribly because I am plus sized and I am dark skinned.

I am in a weird financial situation that is horrific at the moment and I don't want to make a bad decision by going with this company simply cause of that.

I am trying to figure out how do I approach this situation with Atlas films? Should my rate be lower than $400 a scene? Am I being too demanding? Am I asking for too much? How do I go about this with a business mind and take my fears and emotions out of the situation? Should I just let this offer completely go?

Sweet people of ACF, please give me advice! :(

I've been working as a production assist for a small fetish studio the last year and we hire from agencies and sexy jobs.

i want to assure you that $400 for a gg scene is well within industry standard. Especially when you have to be tested. As a reference the lowest rate I have ever paid was $300 for a non fluid swap 4hr shoot. And we regularly get quoted rates of up to $800.

As far as race, i dont have enough knowledge to comment on that. I have heard from black friends in the industry that their rates are often lowballed. But the only way that changes is if we collectively demand equal pay for POC. As far as plus size, its a niche and it should command the same price. They sell just aa well.

Sexyjobs is a cess pool ... and a LOT of sketchy producers scout there. I think there are a lot of red flags with this company.

Have you searched for them (and the producers name) along side words like warning, blacklist, bad experience, did not pay etc? Id run a google search as well as twitter search with these terms. Also search their twitter handle and see what you find others saying about them.

As far as whether or not you go through with it, due to financial necessity this depends on you and how much you're able to handle. I think if you can afford to avoid it, this person sounds VERY sketch and you should walk away.

A producer should be willing to communicate via phone. He might be asking to see you on zoom to see how you are on camera. Sometimes when we hire models from sexy jobs we have no indication of their acting ability etc. In that situation we typically just ask for a 30 s video sample.

You could offer to send a sample of a video you've already created (no more than a minute or so. And not the sex scenes. Just enough to see your body/face and hear you speak)

If you do decide to go, I would not go to set alone, bring a friend. They can wait in a nearby room for safety would get EVERYTHING including promise of pay in writing. Also make sure they define how long you'll be expected to be on set and what specoific acts will constitute a "scene". Ask who will be present on set. Also make sure paperwork is done before the scene when you first arrive on set. State your limits in writing.
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