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Aug 9, 2018
Okay.. So I know that there is another thread addressing this, but my situation is a little different!

On 9/2 I was broadcasting as usual, but decided to do something new. I brought my bf on screen for a BJ once I hit my goal (his face was never shown) and then got a warning a few minutes later and my token earning privilege was revoked. I COMPLETELY forgot to get him verified before the broadcast! So directly afterwards I emailed chaturbate support and had him fill out the agreement + upload his ID pics on my account.

He was denied for being too small/blurry. Tried again hours later, and this time it said the pictures weren't valid because he was already age verified... WTF? He does have an account for viewing cams (phlikker) but he has never broadcast on the site. I keep re-uploading good, clear pics on my account (l0velyl0lita) but they are getting denied almost immediately for the same reason!

Tried emailing Shirley and support a couple times, even contacted them on twitter....

If you know what's going on or have had a similar experience... please help :(
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