Ideas for Videos/Photosets to hit the ground running as a new model

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Jul 23, 2018
Hello! This forum has been a fantastic resource and I’m so glad I found it. I’m working on getting ready to start camming; reducing my social media presence and removing my real name from directories around the web.

I’m going to try Chaturbate first and see how things go.

I wanted to put together some videos or photosets to sell in my profile, and to hopefully secure some followers right from the get go.

How long should I make the videos? I was planning on doing a series of strip tease videos, with a little bit of fondling, that were 4-5 minutes long.

I’m also not sure what to charge?

In the long run, I want to have a personality-focused cam persona, with pretty much all explicit sex acts behind paywalls. So I don’t want to charge too little for my videos, but not so much that no one is interested.

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4-5 minutes minimum for vids. Skip the photosets or do just one, they typically don't sell well.

Your videos will be new and "rare" (you only have a few) so don't be afraid to up charge them. It is much much easier to lower prices if they are not selling than to raise them.

Videos are great because you can place it on multiple platforms to sell. Once it's made it can continue to earn you passive income.

I'd say... charge no less than 200tks for your first vids. More than 500tks may be pushing it.


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Dec 18, 2017
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4-5 minutes is great.

Me personally, I like my videos to cost relatively the same no matter the site they are on and all my videos on every site are a $1/minute. That being said on CB for a user 10tkns = $1 so I price my videos on CB at 10tkns/minute. But I agree with @Miss_Lollipop. It is much easier to reduce prices than raise them. For your new model status, I'd definitely have them higher to essentially milk that status as much as you can. Once you lose that status, you will more than likely have a reduction in average net, so it will be better to lower them later. Just something to think about. :)

Also, don't forget about your Fanclub if you want to do that.
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