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Mar 24, 2023
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Hi! I’m so excited to be here🥰

My name is Candace, (note: I’ll be updating my username when the time period permits), and I’m your favourite long-legged Mediterranean girlfriend! Just a cute girl who likes to post nudes & chat w/ my boyfriends on the internet🥰

I have a few fun pages, with I’ll link below. But in essence, I provide a virtual girlfriend experience on each platform for my boyfriends.

I absolutely adore getting to know my beautiful friends, and that’s why I’ve curated packages at different price points with different interests and objectives. I only take on a certain number at a time so each person gets my undivided attention and receives a unique and memorable experience, as they should 🥰

Ps, Valentine’s Day is coming up, & I’m running a raffle! There are 3 amazing prizes you can win! Contact me on one of my platforms for details & payment options 😇❤️

Ps, my bio has the rest of my links where you can follow me😘
Had a very successful day on cb today. Thinking of branching out to streammate but will do some more research first.

Still active on my usual sites: of, cb & nf. Andddddd I got the lush set up 🤭😘

Don’t forget to join my raffle for a chance to win 1 of 3 huge amazing prizes!! 🥰🥰🥰

On a new site!

Ps, my raffle is still running, doing the draw Feb 18!

Happy Valentine’s Day lovers💘