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Is a "Smile" a Fetish?

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Nov 12, 2017
Wasn't sure which area to put this topic so I decided on putting it in "Sexy Stuff".

The title pretty much says it all.

I am really attracted to a woman's face and smile. A real and natural one (I know sometimes you can fake a natural one but most times you can tell the difference) and not fake ones. I absolutely love seeing a model smiling because she is happy, enjoying herself, etc. I don't necessarily care WHY she is smiling, or who it is making her smile, but I just really enjoy seeing it on the face.
It definitely helps to arouse me a lot, but I am not sure if this is added to the fact of everything else the model may be doing and wearing, etc at the time. I don't think I could just be staring at ONLY a smile and be as aroused. But it's definitely a big part of it.

So I was really wondering if you all think (or know?) can (or is) a smile be a fetish?
I quite literally mean it to be in the exact same sense of a woman wearing a certain piece of clothing, or another part of her body that I, as a guy would really love (like I definitely love boobs and have a boob/nipple fetish). Can this be classed as the same? I am unsure because I can quite literally like a woman, then only stare at boobs and enjoy them.

If a model/woman asks me "Hey what fetishes do you have", would I/could I list this as one, along with boobs and my [weirder] nostril fetishes?

Ultimately it doesn't matter if it is or isn't but it's been something that has made me curious for a while so I figured I would see what other's here think.

I hope I am making [some] sense here, it's late.
I have someone that requests only my smiling face during pvts. He will spend 30-45 minutes with me just chatting and nothing is in view except my face. He has made it very clear that he is jerking off while we talk. I don’t do anything but smile and answer his questions. So, to answer your question, yes. Anything can be a fetish.
Anything can be a fetish if it arouses you. But maybe a smile is not a fetish unless you can get aroused by only seeing a smile. (no boobs etc! :) )

Having said that,in my opinion there is nothing sexier than a smile on a cute girl. You see catwalk models etc stalking around sneering (actually I think they are pouting) and I just think, "god she'd be hot if she smiled."

And yes, a happy cam model is a wonderfully pleasant and sexy thing to see :)
well.... smile fetish i guess anything can be a fetish everyone is different. i do understand a smile fetish more then feet. hahaha. after thinking the whole feet thing over could some guys just see feet as a way of being a submissive? like feet are ugly and dirty maybe some dominate women use it this way? hahaha i don't know. i wanna be a dominatrix but i don't know how to start... i was home schooled from age 12 till 18 so i only really had one real boy friend.... any submissive's wanna be my submissive? LOL! i do have one on chatubate if only the internet was not so crazy then i would meet him. dang this insane world. :(

edit i have more then one but you know what i mean....
Interesting question and responses. I'm going to assume though that you don't find all women that smile to be sexy, just some, probably that you already are attracted to?
From my own perspective, I don't think I'd say I have any specific fetishes.
For example, I wouldn't say I have a boob or leg fetish, but some people have very beautiful boobs and lovely legs that I appreciate. And that includes a huge range of shapes/sizes/forms of those areas, not an 'ideal' in mind.
So I don't find all boobs or all legs attractive.
When there are things that I find I really like, it's almost always in connection with someone that I'm already attracted to. Sometimes that realisation that I am aroused by an aspect of them can be a real surprise.
When I am in an intimate situation with someone, I might find their dimples, a tattoo, birthmark or the way their hair hangs to be immensely sexy, perhaps even as sexy as one of the more traditional focus areas of their body.
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