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It was just me or OBS goes down yesterday at night?

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Jenna K

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Jun 24, 2021
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Yestarday try to first camming since chaturbate ask me for age verification, but OBS was so weird last night, the streaming and fps speed was too low, that I cannot camming last night. It was from 0 to 100 kbps and 0 to 3 fps :(. My internet conection was good, with no issues, deactived firewall and antivirus, I changed the server. I always use lan cable.

I bought I new cam, I was thinking that is was the reason, but I connected the old one, and problems still was the same. I could not broadcast yesterday.

Well I was happy to see my all time tippers asking for me and some of them give me tips, but it was so frustrating no to do a broadcast :(.
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